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  1. I've read that the reason you can't see the stars is because the cameras aren't adjusted to take in enough light. The snaps are taken quickly and don't have enough time to absorb the photons produced by the stars.This could be a way of covering there bs though… any thoughts?

  2. Also… How come no one ever brings up the fact that the Earth rise from the Apollo missions and now the new Chinese mission to the Moon is impossible… if everything's what they say it is the Earth which stay at a certain degree in the moon Sky forever … it would never rise or set. EVER. THIBK ABOUT IT

  3. That is like the ignorant masses ,going to Tiffany to pay for a once of silver junk the price of gold …the owners must be laughing big time …these so call scients teachers are so laughable…

  4. What really amazed me , is that so call University teachers talk with such certainty ,that is only a product of their deep ignorance ,or a product of s juice bank account ? But is for sure one of the two ….is they talk like that ,with such deep ignorance one feel very sorry for them .because the elitists who knows that the so call universe don't exists ,must be laughing at everybody ….

  5. It’s absolutely amazing listening to all of these experts spew big fluffy road apples! Freely tumbling from their gaping Yaw spewing goofy non sense about gas pressure from stars, WINDS fighting against gravity IN COMPLETE VACUUM!!!!! But then again..their whole business begins with warped nothingness and water stuck to a spinning ball!

  6. Another awesome video. Love all your work which I am slowly getting through. As well as your excellent and intelligent observations & thoughts you always manage to include great video content. May I ask where you get your clips from generally? I have some FE music videos to edit images to and I'd love to find a good resource for suitable video clips.

    Check out my new single, The Epic, Revolutionary, Paradigm-shifting single that Forever Disproves Defeats & Destroys the Heliocentric Spinning Globe Fairy-tale theory blind faith Religion, with verifiable empirical scientific facts.

  7. So gravity wins in the conception of making a star from gas wanting dissipate but yet water vapor known as clouds is stronger than the Earth's gravitational pull? 🤨🤔 outter space gas is much MUCH further from Earths surface where gravity is supposed to be originating from then the water Vapors. Not to mention, space as a weightless vacuum so how did you get that compression all the way up there?

  8. I never understood why the Earth rotation was not recorded by any moon landing. The largest most colorful object in sight and no one recorded the Earth rotation. It is not how genuine documentation of an event would occur, no more than going to the Grand Canyon and not filming the scenery .

  9. Its not "fake" space. Its fake intelligence. The Big Bang and Standard Model are wrong, absolutely completely wrong, because the gravity based model and nuclear gas star based model are incorrect. This does not mean outer space doesn't exist, its a conspiracy, or you know the truth. Deep space may not exist, but its your responsibility to prove it. Genuine proof is never in the form of more questions. Its in the offering of a better answer for appraisal that answers the hard questions in a form that is 100% predictive. The Electric Universe or plasmacosmology model makes it all work, quite simply and accurately, answering and explaining any question I've ever had, and any from others I've seen or heard, and does so with Mother Nature's simplicity. Debunking shit is easy, because you don't have to replace your doubts with another explanation. What bothers me the most about these types of videos is that those who make them are allowed to live among us and fuck up the little that isn't already fucked up.

    And this bitching about the milky way… there are no photos of the milky way because we can't get out of it to take a picture of it. Just how fucking difficult can that be for you fruitcakes to understand?! All the Milky Way photos we see are of our sister galaxy, the Andromeda galaxy, and this is freely declared to any who pay attention. Those who don't pay attention are forced to side with the establishment, the side of perpetuating ignorance and lies, becoming co-slave owners along with them, and just making it all up as they go along instead of searching for the truth.

    You become more of the same problem: a planet full of monkeys trying to think beyond the banana while other monkeys accuse them of conspiring against those who try to think beyond coconuts. And neither side has a fucking clue of what is outside of the jungle. It all makes me want to puke.

  10. They also lie to us about earth as well as space.Think about the bore holes they dig into earth.The largest one is 7.5 miles deep in Russia. They say the temperature reaches 356 degrees F or 180 degrees C. My point is they tell you the deeper you go the hotter it gets.But if you were to dig a hole only two feet deep you will see it is many degrees colder,not hotter.The deeper you go into the water the colder it get.I would assume they don't want anyone exploring what's beneath the deepest depths. For instant they may not want someone trying to excape the firmament. If we happen to live on a flat earth covered by a dome then realistically there's only one way out and that's down.

  11. THE ONLY THING NASA PUT IN TO SPACE IS ARE MINDS – Kicking NASA in the Balls!!!  FAKE SPACE PHOTOS CGI, ,TRUMP'S MAFIA MACHINE , LIGHT COMES OUT OF DARK MATTER AND EARTH IS FLAT, THAT GOD IS REAL AND SPACE IS FAKE NEWS, NASA IS GOING DOWN, FAKE SpaceX NASAASS A JOKE, IF YOU THINK SPACE IS REAL YOU LOST YOUR MIND and your money space is fake we live under The Firmament Look on  YOUTUBE ,Poolside Seats to The Wonder Works of NASA,  It's easy to fake ISS footage with Scott Kelly Research Flat Earth   Eric Dubay 200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball, The Top 10 Reasons I Don't Trust NASA, Jack Parsons , Jesuits & the Global Conspiracy!  Rob Skiba ,   ODD Reality,,  jeranism,  GLOBEBUSTERS,, ,  Continent, Mt. Meru ,   Operation High Jump; Journey to Antarctica to find the Dome ,

  12. how does gravity decide what point pick to push in on? Especially in the void or vacuum of space. Does it just randomly pick a point, a direction, or does it focus on a predetermined aspect of mass? If gravity is what creates stars why then when is it when people go into space they float, is that not from the lack of gravity? And if gravity is stronger on earth then in space, would not the earth not turn into a star? Or at least should not a star be formed when chemistry experiments mixing and combining gasses, when gravity is strong enough on the surface of the earth to keep trillions of gallons of water in place as we supposable spin and hurl through space? Or can you just have it both ways when you take money from people who have never agreed to freely give it. Just speaking for myself, but I for one have never been asked of have never offered to have tax mony taken from my wages, only then to have someone I don't know, who don't know me, decide to then give that money to people, groups, etc. that I don't believe, believe in, trust, or would support in any way shape or form. Again speaking for myself, I consider those actions to be theft by fraud and/or extortion.

  13. Luke 21:8 – And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

    Odd that due to flat earth and NASA lies, more and more people are indeed looking up. Those that are asleep are looking down, at their phones.

    So lame that gravity is their trump card, an unprovable force is what causes all of this…Gravity is BS as well as evolution over millions of years. Great fairy tales though.

  14. The Milky Way does not exist; it is another lie from our enemies at N.A.S.A.. I am 60 years old, and have spent many a night away from light pollution; from the Outer Banks, to the deep woods of the of the Appalachians and Rocky Mountains of Utah: there is no Milky Way. You can see stars from the largest inner cities, but you can't see the big fake Milky Way?

  15. The Truth is Stranger than Fiction
    I hold a lot of the same beliefs as you. With that being said, I'm curious to your take on the so called "sun simulator"
    Another stunt? Or should we be concerned? Your opinion is of high value to me. Thanks for all your hard work and God bless.

  16. Since we all know the Moon is strictly a luminary source, it is impossible to land anything on it's south pole, just as it was definitely impossible to land men on the Moon in 1969 like the liars at NASA claims. The Sun, Moon and the stars are ALL luminary sources for mankind to use as light sources and also to use as signs & seasons like scripture describes.

  17. Once you realise that we are programmed from childhood to accept the word scientist have discovered ,we think oh the scientist
    Have said this or done that like they are some kind of magic god on earth that has all the answers ,when in fact its all a satanic play on our minds to worship scientism

  18. 99.9% of all space theories and just that theories. If you put 100 scientist in a room a ask them basic space questions I'm more than confident you will get more than 50 different hypothesis. All we can do is observe, sometimes all we can do as a species is give the best hypothesis we can on our Galaxy until we are ready to travel the stars physically our selves. NASA touches up o photoshops stuff to make it pop more and seem.more fasinatin to the public so they have much more leverage when it comes to there yearly budget. THAT is why you read and see contradicting and alternative "facts" …why they would start such a mind numbingly almost impossible thing to hide is also common sense. It makes no sense, if these people are powerful enough to lie about space, the shape of our planet and put a done over it, than they must have known eventually technology the public can use to discover this shit was inevitable.

  19. 1- Because information is not on YouTube, doesn't mean it's not available
    2- the night sky feature we see from Earth commonly featured in night photography, is called the "Great Rift" or "Dark Rift" (&other names). It is one tiny portion of the Milky Way Galaxy.
    3- some simplified maths-
    The Great Rift portion is estimated to be 300ly. The Milky Way galaxy is estimated up to 180Kly diameter. So expressed as a percentage= (300ly÷180000ly)100= 0.166`%.
    4- and of course the old " why aren't there stars in the Apollo photos"….Please educate yourself on camera aperture. Or try this simple experiment, stand under a street light at night and look up. How visible are the stars?
    Ok. The real mystery is how did I end up in the dark hole of the internet?

  20. Light is invisible until it interacts with matter, and therefore without an atmosphere or special filter to refract the light of the milky way, it will be virtually invisible from deep space, or other moons, planets, without an active atmosphere. This is why the sky is blue, and the sun appears to be all shades of yellow, orange, red, etc… from here on earth. In space, the sun is merely a painful bright white light that is only visible directly around the massive magnetic atmosphere surrounding it. The rest of space is black until looked at through something to refract the light traveling to the viewer. This is why our telescopes use infared, xray, gamma ray, etc filters when snapping pictures of deep space, from space.


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