Morning Worship Songs 2019 – Non Stop Praise and Worship Songs 2019- Gospel Music 2019
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  1. thank you lord for being with me always and thank you lord for all your bleesing that i have now thank you very much I love you so much and i never forget you. You are the one and the greatest king in the world.

  2. Thank you Pastor Joel Osteen. I watch your preachings every morning I wake up. I am being blessed through you. I thank you my Lord Jesus for blessing me, protecting me and providing me. Thank you for healing me from my many sicknesses. Thank you for being there for me when even my family abandoned me.

  3. If your a christian don't be afraid to pray, because God forgives you. But don't pray and say sorry again and you do something bad again and say sorry to God again. But apologize to God with all your heart and soul.

  4. sorry but there is a lot of commercial interruption, every song that ends there is a commercial ad, it's annoying, some people want to make business in the worship music, this is bad that's why I'm going to put a thumbs down 👎

  5. all this song i am enjoying the song because i am a christian and my sister to. i love this song.may i know the artis. this song is so enjoyable ,joyful and merciful.may GOD bless the artis in jesus name.AMEN.


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