Listen to the single “2 Dark Skin, 2 Light Skin”. Out now!

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Official audio by Murs & Dee-1 – 2 Dark Skin, 2 Light Skin © 2020 Vision Music / Murs 316



  1. Dee I'll be wrong if I didnt tell u brother, but the part where u almost cursed but bleeped it out isnt good & a wordly person would judge Christians over lil stuff like that to keep em in thier lost mindset. Good song tho

  2. So ironic I was talking about this during an equity meeting on my job today. I love you Dee you’re legit and your rap is real and relevant! I was elated to see that my coworkers, church members, and family follow you on Facebook! * Shawty your music is a 10 lol in my The Dream voice.*

  3. Boooooyyyyy, I tell ya. Soooo much truth in this song. That's how colorism is and it's a shame. But who said light skin dudes can't fight??? Somebody lied, I was in relationship with a light skin guy and he was somebody you did not want to mess with on your best day. And the stigmatism that dark skin men receive on a daily, man all my dark skin brothers you all are beautiful. God made no mistakes when He gave you that skin color. As a matter of fact, every shade of black man is beautiful. Every shade of black is beautiful. I wish we could end colorism and stop comparing which shade is better. We are all amazing.


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