For years, Christian academics and missionaries have been aware of a common phenomenon. Muslims receive visions and dreams in of Jesus pointing them to missionaries. It’s so widespread that Christian missionaries have bought ad space urging those who have seen the “man in the white robe,” to contact them. Is this powerful evidence for the truth of Christianity?

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  1. As a former Muslim, I too saw Jesus in a vision of the night. It took me about 2 months after I saw Him to come to the faith, after carefully examining the details and being fully persuaded that Jesus Christ is indeed God. I encourage everyone who has doubts to simply ask Him, much like I did, if He is indeed real. I assure you He will not disappoint.

  2. Hi Trinity Radio, I love your videos and discussions. Do you guys have any sources that statistically back-up the claim about the percent of muslims to whom Jesus appears in dreams and visions? thanks alot

  3. A lot of Christians do have dreams and other powerful evidences but in the western world we would be given a diagnosis, lol, so we don't make it public but have shared it with others.
    So I very much believe that Muslims are getting visions or dreams. If it's in the Bible I believe. Yes you have to also test the spirit.

    No I'm not into Pentecostal or health and wealth person or any other type that goes against scripture.
    I think Muslims arevin very unsafe country would have those answer in such a way. I do think somewhere someone left seeds to get them to think about the true Jesus, but they are at risk of punishment or death so I believe that's why they are answered in that way.

  4. Our lord does appear to people in dreams, l can verify that as it happened to me many years ago when I was very young . I was sitting in church in my dream gazing up at the crucifix, and Jesus got down from the cross and kissed me on the cheek.
    Jesus is appearing to the Muslims because he’s coming soon and he wants them to be saved.

  5. I like how dreams are usually complete nonsense and make no sense, but now as soon as it’s something people want to believe to be true, dreams are completely factual and should be believed.


  7. I know a pastor at my church that had a muslim lady come to the church and told the pastor for over 1 month a man been appearing in her dream his wearing a white robe and telling her about the blood that church is not in the middle east this is at the muslim adventist church in moncton canada. also there is a man by the name of shabbaz he is now a christian he used to be a muslim his testimony on yutube is called Shabbaz testimony from muslim to adventist.

  8. Fantastic stuff. God is definitely at work in the Muslim world. For example, there are very likely more converts to Christianity from Islam in the last 50 years than the previous 1350 combined. One major reason for that is prayer is missionary focus – sadly Christians have historically ignored Muslims and focused on other people groups, but that is now changing. As someone working in outreach to Muslims, I would like to my fellow Christians that the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Consider getting involved with Muslim outreach.

    P.S. This video was recommended to me from my latest video interviewing an ex-Muslim Christian. I will definitely check out more of your material.

  9. Is dreaming about someone the same as that person appearing in your dreams? How could you tell the difference? Is dreaming about something sufficient reason to believe in it? If mohammed appears in my dream tonight( maybe likely now i have thought about it 5 mins before i go to bed) would i be reasonable in believing he is real?

  10. Jesus appeared to me in a vision while I was a heroin addict on my hands and knees, praying for God to save me. After 30 days of praying and shedding tears like that to save me, He appeared to me in a white robe and said I would be healed! I couldnt even raise my face but He made it known to me who He was.. Its been about 15 months since that day and I have been converted to Christ. Thank you sooo much Jesus. You are my King, my God, my Lord and my friend, forever.

  11. God appeared to me in a dream a couple of weeks ago. After I got home from church I went to sleep, because I didn’t get enough sleep the night before. I’m Christian (Catholic by tradition)

    There was some weird stuff that happened at the beginning of the dream. I was at a club, and there was a Muslim woman singing inside. I couldn’t get passed the front desk, they were making rice and throwing it everywhere, I was eating it off the floor? There were symbols all around the room. But on one side of the room there was a crescent moon with and 6 point star instead of a 5 point star.
    Then I got in my car which is broken in real life and it started. After that I woke up in my bed, still inside the dream. And I looked at my curtains. There was some light coming in. I paused for a few moments then suddenly the curtains blew open, and the windows also with a gust of wind I was pushed up against my wall, and light poured into my room. It was so bright and I was quite frightened. My room was shaking. And then I heard a voice as if beside my ear or inside my head. It was a mans voice. He said; I AM THE LORD YOUR GOD. And what I believe to have been his name but I’m not entirely sure. YHWH? It sounded like a vibration the way it was pronounced. He was so loud and clear. I have never heard a voice like that in a dream. I don’t know if that really was God but I like to think so. I didnt see a man, I don’t think I saw Jesus, but I do believe I saw his Father. I think he said other things but I really don’t remember it very well. Only that part, in extraordinarily vivid detail.

  12. Okay, I'm going to have to bring up the elephant in the room? How does anyone know what Jesus looks like to appear to them in a dream? The only two definitive descriptions of Jesus is Isaiah 53:2 (no beauty that we should desire him) and Revelation 19:11-15 (in glory as He returns in judgment). Also, Hebrews 1:1-2 says God spoke through the prophets in the past (direct visions and dreams), but now speaks through His Son. And the Holy Spirit tells us through Paul's writings that God uses sent preachers to proclaim the gospel so by hearing they will come to faith (Romans 10:14-17). Yet all of a sudden there are people, particularly Muslims, who are having dreams and visions from someone they think is Jesus.

    How do they know it is Jesus? How do we know it isn't a demon masquerading as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14) to look like what they think Jesus is (a "man in white")? How do we know that these people aren't actually lying? Why is the Jesus of these dreams more like Yoda than the second person of the Trinity that told people in His earthly ministry to repent? (Also, Jesus actually never said to anyone He spoke to in the Gospels that "He loved them," we derive that from His conversation in John 3:16. ) And around the 15:45 or 15:50 mark, you said you weren't sure how someone would be judged if they never heard of Jesus. Simple answer, everyone has knowledge of God but they suppress that truth in their unrighteous sinfulness so they are without excuse (Romans 1:18-23). No one will ever stand before God and say, "No one didn't tell me about Jesus, therefore I can't be judged for my sins."

    I know this signs, wonders, and miracle thing is big in Christianity today, but it is not truly "evidence" for the unbeliever because they think all of our testimony is subjective. Sinners are unreasonable because they have hostile minds towards God (Romans 8:7) and the unsaved world hates God the Father, Christ, and Christians according to Jesus' own words in John 15:18-23. Yet we want to encourage ourselves that Jesus is appearing to everyone in dreams and visions to validate our faith through miraculous "evidence" when the way for sinners to be saved is by the gospel. If the gospel proclamation isn't necessary because Jesus is doing all the work through dreams and visions, we might as well step back and ignore preaching the Word.

  13. Had a missionary from Chad speak at a small men’s retreat I’m a part of in Minnesota. It’s always “the man in white”. His stories bring you to tears, and not because of how they are told, but simply because of what Jesus is doing. The witness of our great God to “those who have never heard” is way bigger than we give credit.

  14. For real tho, Iran, Iraq, Syria all having a dream about a man in a white robe and that man is telling them to that he loves them. What a mighty God we serve, skeptics can say some people were hallucinating but all of them? And skeptics can say that some of them are lying, but all of them?

  15. Ugh… commentators… it is NOT evidence, it is REASONS for (in favor of) and cumulative case (wich CAN be evidence, because evidence are MANY things). Nobody is presenting EVIDENCE (don't get me wrong), i.e. more precicesy we're not presenting a scientiific theory to the world that we need to prove by tests and facts to show that THERE – God exists, wholoe world knows now, all must convers. NO CHRISTIAN DOES IT. By the way, NEITHER do you.

    It is you who: 1.) put us in such condition and laying some "strwman" butden on us that we don't originaly have, 2.) you made this as the only way to know truth – proven scientific facts, decided by bunch of people in white robes. For now, untill science will change and say something else (look up history of science, and main thing is – methods did not changed).

    While no, sorry – that is not the only 100% way to know truth, that would be scientism, NOT the thing i would trust and follow. A question: if you can't use science and it's method to disprove God – why you force and natrrow everyone to use failed science and it's method to PROVE God?
    It is illogical and fallacious by fact.

    It's just SO SAD seeing these comments, it's EXPECTED that thick sceptic in rejection won't care much about it, but such reaction as this one is just SAD, like, what is wrong even?

  16. Interesting. Iw as thinking about it, why it happens. And it's so often. I've heard some of these, and the one smentioned n the video – they don't repeat, they are all different. Because Lord Jesus threats everyone in special way. I understood that muslims ned dreams because they need to be DEADLY 100% sure it was from God, because they worry about hell.

    And others don't need that – God's existence is on surface. I was atheist and accepted that all that Bible says is 100% truth just by basically philosophy, just thinking about it and deicided that yeas, God exists and i believe in that. I don't need dream or a vision… although i have some)) And it still was God supernaturally influencing me, before and after my thinking about it (if i recall correctly, but His influence i do remember).

    God bless, Braxton. You're doing a great job (i.e. doing good, 'cause it's not a job, it's ministry).


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