Testimony of Muslims coming to Christ after seeing him in Dreams and Visions.



  1. Most of Muslims converted to Christianity they have a dreams while they sleeping lol . Nobody convert for logical reasons or read the book . Nothing make since here

  2. Jesus is not the son of God but was messenger . The almighty created human being in order to worship him Alone . God is alone he has no partner . so stop misleading people my sister . Jesus used to pray to the almighty like Muslim does so worship the almighty before death catch you

  3. Knowing Christ is the most incredibly powerful experience you will ever have he will be with you and you will feel his presence. How wonderful and glorious he is. Jesus's love is endless.He loves us all so much and invites us all to join him.

  4. The emnity is always with Satan, this is Satan's curse since he Tempted Eve in deceiving her. Genesis 3.

    We are Reminded Every Day that God in Christ Jesus is Alive because we are Raised In Him. Daily we die, Daily we Rise because of Him.

  5. What is the problem, Are you uglee to that level to hide your face like that? no. right? so,
    Okay, you don't need any more to wear like that. No body wants you to hide from view. Even the law needs you not to cover your-face like that specially in the airport security check area.


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