Do we have to go to Israel to see the Moshiach, Is it necessary to do Aliyah? Today’s Broadcast examines these questions and whether or not it is reasonable to go relocate to Israel.
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Steven Ben-Nun
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Scriptures: Zechariah 13, John 4, Mathew 23 and 26, Revelation 13, Daniel 11, Ezra 9, Numbers 13,



  1. Saying you are off your father the devil does not prove fallen angel blood line. Anyone who is not a child of God is a child of the devil. There is only 2 sides… it's that simple. So any person who does not have Jesus as Lord and savior is of their father the devil.

  2. ​Israel's Prime Ministers Who They Really Are? Don’t let their invented Hebrew names fool you. Each and every Prime Minister of Israel comes either directly from Eastern Europe or is removed by one generation therefrom. These Prime Ministers are not leading their “people” in their native land, but rather are part of a European colonial system implanted in the Middle East by Zionists. They are all originally from the dispanded Khazar Khaganate who converted to Babylonian Talmud aka “Judaism” that was incorporated by Russia around 1000AD and the rest fled to Easter Europe.

    David Ben-Gurion – real name David Grün – Ashkenazi Khazar from Poland
    Moshe Sharett – real name Moshe Shertok – Ashkenazi Khazar from Ukraine
    Levi Eshkol – real name Levi Shkolnik – Ashkenazi Khazar from Russian Empire
    Yigal Allon – real name Yigal Peikowitz (Paicovich) – Ashkenazi Khazar from Grodno, Russia
    Golda Meir – real name Golda Mabovitch – Ashkenazi Khazar from Kiev, Ukraine
    Yitzhak Rabin – real name Yitzhak Rubitzov – Ashkenazi Khazar from Sydorovychi, Ukraine
    Menachem Begin – real name Menakhem Volfovich – Ashkenazi Khazar from Brest, Belarus
    Yitzhak Shamir – real name Yitzhak Yezernitsky – Ashkenazi Khazar from Ruzhany, Belarus
    Shimon Peres – real name Szymon Perski – Ashkenazi Khazar from Wiszniew, Poland
    Ehud Barak – real name Ehud Brog – Ashkenazi Khazar from Pushelat, Lithuania
    Ariel Sharon – real name Ariel Scheinermann – Ashkenazi Khazar from Brest-Litovsk, Belarus
    Ehud Olmert – 'kept original foreign name' – Ashkenazi Khazar from Buguruslan, Russian Empire
    Benjamin Netanyahu – real name Benjamin Mileikowsky – Ashkenazi Khazar from Poland

    These, my friends, are the 12 false apostles of Satan Yigal Peikowitz was just acting PM for a few days not officially a Prime Minister. What do they have in common? Foreign names with no relation to historical semite family names. They used biblical first names because they found them in the Tanakh but they had no idea what Sephardic (semite) family names were like so once they invaded the ancient lands of Israel they started to change their family names to the ones historically used by biblical Semites. All to disguise the fact they were a foreign people in a foreign land which their ancestors had never set foot before.
    Also, note that none of their Prime Ministers are Sephardic (the correct term is Seferim or Seferdim which means 'People of the Book') that's because the counter the fake state of Israel was created by Satan and spiritually Satan can only have his synagogue do his work Satan can not use the seed of Yisrael (Sephardic) to bring forth his throne in Jerusalem.
    What are the odds you would have all 12 Prime Ministers all being Ashkenazi Khazars and none being Sephardic (semite)? It's all so very clear it's impossible not to see what's going on. Keep in mind the 666 hexagram on the counter fake State of Israel speaks for itself to whom that flag belongs to.
    More important than exposing Zionism is to expose who are the Zionists they are the counter fake "jews" who would try to establish the throne of Satan in Jerusalem in the last days.
    Revelation 3:9 'Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie…'

  3. Spot on Steve , ONLY Israel will take part in the Wheat Harvest, The Gentile "Church:" Harvest comes first in the Barley Harvest.Wheat and Tares have nothing to do with Gentiles or the Church!

  4. People say dont fall in the rabbit whole, well I was dragged down, than I fought and fought with the assistance of some white winged in a white robe being, opened the trapped door in the pyramid within that realm and fought my way back!

  5. Brotheren, the vipers and etc, and mingling, i know most is blinded I am woke and fighting them all, I been called a Beast. Im confuse on how. Im flawed, like paul being a pharisees than repent, I REPENTED, I seem the dragon in my vision, I seen the sit, and nothing still understand and so as I, I’m on fire, in fear of being spit out etc.


  7. Hi Steven,

    to me, you are an old friend. But sometimes you still make my mind whirl. 🙂
    But you are absolutely right. The truth has been so difficult to find.
    One suggestion, if I may; find a way to direct these messages to Jewish Youth. They don't know, they can't know.
    With love, your old friend from Holland.

  8. They're going to illuminate to the world, all of the sick, twisted, and perverted deeds that men, women, and children are carrying out on an unsuspecting humanity. The believing of humanity are about to witness the uncovering and illumination of the worlds most horrific, grotesque evil's; the two sides of evil will become as one, they will devour everything that God leaves behind. The True Luminary will be allowed to step out onto the stage and judge all that mankind fears, and in doing so wins the praise and adoration of a deceived mass of humanity. HE WILL MAKE ORDER OUT OF CHAOS. May You Be Ready To Escape Such A Horrific Judgment. There Is A God That Loves You So Much, So Much, That He Allowed Himself To Be Violated In The Most Grotesque And Perverted Ways Imaginable. Christ Experienced The Sum Total Of All Evil That One Could Imagine. HE BECAME SIN FOR US. HE ABSORBED EVERYONE OF YOUR SINS COMMITED OR OMITED IN BOTH WORD AND DEED. HE EXPERIENCED EVERY SIN NO MATTER HOW SELF-RIGHTEOUS, OR GROTESQUE, SICK, AND TWISTED. PLEASE THINK NOW, STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING JUST FOR ONE MINUTE, PLEASE CONSIDER. Jesus Christ Loves You, Allow And Trust Him To Make Order Out Of Chaos In Your Life. Pray Lord Jesus I Believe You Died And Took On Every Sin I Have And Will Commit, I'm Asking You To Create In Me A New Heart And Renew A Right Spirit In Me. I Give You My Life In Exchange For The One You Will Provide. In Jesus Name Amen.

  9. you Yah rest his hand of projection on you. You have stood face to face with the dragon, naughty yahoo.. take up your entire amor now.. the serpent race and releasing venom everywhere. Only God protect.

  10. Dear Steven and Janka. In your discourse you have took the words you have spoken from my mouths! I can`t believe how precise our ideas were about Rev. Chapter 13. Actually I had the notes I wanted to share with you in this forum when I come across this video you just released. Just one observation I would add. One of the leaders who took our people out of Babylon assembled all the people and thee priests and Rabbis to cleanse them and to lead them to repent from the intermingling of these Priests from the women their married and brought them with them to Judea. He went so far as to beat them, slapped their faces and tear their hair! Can you please mention it when the opportune lecture arises?

    Also I have the challenge for you concerning the third temple. I believe it is against the will of GOD for them to build it. The tradition says that what was will be as there is nothing new under the sun-Shlomo said. Remember when David the man after God`s heart was not allowed to build the Temple though he had everything ready? The reason was David had the blood on his hands for he was a warrior. His bellowed son was to build that Temple. Which he did. Now the Jews want to build one, they have prepared everything what is needed plus lots and lots of money! This temple could be built in very short time with today`s technology which they have to they disposal. The similarity continues. I believe they also have blood on their hands collected over the centuries beginning with Blood of Yeshua! While they push to build their temple they do not realise that they are unclean and thus not permitted to build it. I believe the second Son of David, Yeshua is worthy to build His own Temple as it is written in Tanach. Our brothers refuse to see in the Scriptures that the prophecies say Jesus only will “raise the Tabernacle of David Himself”! Only He is entitled and sanctified to build it, not the blood stained hand of the Jews. There are other similarities between David and Israel, Solomon and Jesus. Even the politics around it concerning the involvement of non Jews is quite notable. I think your dear wife Janka would have real fun to expand on it and make excellent video about it. Thank you for the excellent work you are doing for our brothers round the world and for the Christians. May our Lord Yeshua bless you both in your very important work.

  11. I've watched you for 2 or 3 year's now Steve and always felt in my heart that you were on the side of Truth/Yeshua and I just wanted to thank you for standing with Him and not just going with your heritage!
    God bless you

  12. Jesus came to demonstrate to mankind the very ability of all men who want to come to know the living God whom dwells within. Many use the word of God who know him not, that would be recognized in Zechariah 13:3 you mention. Yes, our living God does come to each of us when we seek him. He came to you, he came to me. I'm certain he has come to others who truly seek him. Jesus gave the key, the way to use the key, and if man believed what he said and did, they would do it also. But, words with no affect do not work because our living God who dwells within us knows our hearts and our minds. He walked with us all the days of our lives even when we did not, or do not, know him. Peace be with you.

  13. Thanks bro Steve. God is revealing things to you. Yes through study have noticed these verses for years regarding Levites thanks for clarifying it sooo well. It is a new way of understanding but seems sensible. Also about the leopard bear and lion from revelation with regard to leaders of current day israel. The dots seem to connect. GOD BLESS and pray God blesses guides u more for standing alone to guide all along the right path. Our prayers are with you. Praying CHRISTIAN PASTORS WAKE UP!!

  14. Yup the Redeemer/Messiah died and that was that. That was the chance, they turned it down. He didn't rose on any third day. I will call those liars. Matthew 21. You'll kill me, I'm going back to my Father, I'll put my feet up. My Father will give it to another. When? When the seed comes together in ONE Gentile. I could try to explain it to ya, but you go one believing in poofing DNA.

  15. God will NOT let this "Trump Peace Deal" be accepted; we are far beyond where most think we are.
    There is a way for peace now, but only with God as the head through His holy word.
    This is more like oppression against a holy land and people of all faiths who want to be holy.
    The devil is deceiving the nations, luring them with riches; tourism is the devil's trap, not a holy savior.
    The TRUTH of the Word of God is our Savior, when we follow He who sent the word.

    Matthew 6:24 (KJV) "No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other;
    or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon."
    Psalm 54:3 (KJV)
    "For strangers are risen up against me, and oppressors seek after my soul:
    they have not set God before them. Selah.", read scriptures in your own language, online, free.

  16. What a dynamic message. Jesus is the true son of God our true Messiah, turn to Jesus repent and be saved. There is no other name under which men can be saved Acts 4:12. God bless you Stephen.

  17. Jesus is the only way for all men. There is no other way. If you do not choose Jesus you will die in your sins and go to hell. It will be your choice to deny the truth.

  18. Deut 28 … only peoples that match the Prophecies are the true Hebrews "Minorities" .. Ezekiel 35 .. Rev 2:9.. Ye mustn't worry over Edom, the bastards of Ashdod .. God's Armies will take "care" of them! 🙂

  19. Ashkanazy J’s. Would fit perfectly ? Would they not. Steven watch the Greatest lie ever told “ it tells the truth about what the German people did and why. YouTube took it of so do a Internet search it is still out there.
    God Bless you Brother. You are one Christian that I feel I can trust.
    Yahuah Bless you I pray and keep you safe !!!!!!

  20. I have total confidenceFaith that they shall stumble…. N glorifying Yeshua ❤ the high priest of the order of Malquesdick and his testimony ❤ cuz he has told us from the days of old what's gonna happen.

  21. I gave many 1000's dollars in the 90's for this Aliyah…..and when i came to go israel, i was told i needed the priest permission. he wouldn't even look at me. he nodded to my jewish friend, and we left.


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