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  1. Wtf, you are telling nothing. Showing some random pics, talking about the devil. They are artists, it’s normal they esplore doing weird things, but they hurt nobody for what we know. So why speaking about it? Think with you brain people

  2. Well, thank goodness I’ve never listened to Gaga’s or Beyoncé’s music except running channels on the car radio for a second or two. Neither have ever appealed to me. Maybe I was feeling their bad vibes! Beyoncé’s music sort of all sounds the same to me. I’ve heard much better music and seen better dancing. Never bought anything they sell!

  3. That "woman" is a "cake" drenched in blood coloured chocolate….I saw it in another video,…what I was wondering about was how many celebrities have been pictured in the bathtub of blood?
    DMX, Tupac, Eminem, who else????

  4. Full of absurd and mythic christian comments here. Kinda creepy. Your minds are shrouded by irrationalism and unnecessary "superstitions". Even more bothering than the original footage in the video. Your imaginary sky philosopher and light daddy won't save your delusions! Wake up!

  5. The Video title is misleading.    There is no  Jaz-z and Lady Gaga doing a ritual  in this video.  What we have is a mutual person that they both are associated with who  does biziarre Rituals.


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