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  1. Mystery Babylon is not the Roman Catholic Church, mystery Babylon is in Saudi Arabia where Mecca, Teman, and Dedan are also just like the KJV and the Apocrypha tells you, look on your map, America is the 2nd Egypt that’s drinking her wine/oil, she is a mother of all nations not churches, because all nations are drinking her wine/oil, so yes America is one of her daughters, that’s using the Roman Catholic to spread her false doctrines and fornications

  2. Yeah, the Papacy has been seducing the Protestants to come home, promoting TBN and pushing worldliness through these pimps, so-called preachers. The theme is ecumenicism, all churches being under one authority "him".Thanks for the video.

  3. I don't go on catholic church and will never go there and well I pray God everyday asking forgiveness in the name of Jesus Christ and repent, read the Bible and know catholci church is false as the pope. But as I don't go on catholic church and not worshipping it as the pope well I don't choose my rest days from job and I have to work on Saturday but as I don't go on church on sunday and pray God everyday and ask in the name of Jesus Christ forgiveness, As I have to work on saturday I'm I in the wrong path even if I don't worship on sunday and pray God read bible everyday ? I'm very wondering since I see some videos here, please don't judge me I want to know and understand thanks and God bless you all !!

  4. WHAT TIME IS IT? If we keep the Sabbath should we keep it in Rome time (Gregorian calendar) or Gods time? Luni Solar as its written in Genesis, Modem is a specific time, don't show up late be there on time always.Praise Ya,and his Son and our broter Yeshua


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