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  1. If Ned Flanders would see this Video, he would call you crazy. In fact even the Crazy Cat lady would call you crazy.
    Conspiracy Theorists are like the plague to society. This video is dangerously insane garbage. You are even worse than the SJW Snowflakes – something that is hard to achieve.
    Hail Satan, and don't have a cow man.

  2. Athiest or whatever you call yourself I know it's hard to believe but its true what does the illuminati have to do with paganism ?
    Why the baphomet ?
    Why baal from the bible ?
    There not trolling christians there mocking you , and that people won't open their eyes to it

  3. I used to let this effect me – but my wife gave wise words – I will not let anything evil ruin a day I deem to be full of love, I will not let the "DEVIL" dictate my happiness

  4. I know that in movies and Christmas cards were told Jesus birthday is in December 25, but no we're in the Bible does it say that. Christmas is a pagan holiday. Jeremiah 10:1-5. Mark7:13. Satan has been decevieing the children of God for far too long. It's Time to wake up my brothers and sisters.

  5. They are after the next generation. They want the earth to be filled with wickedness. The devil the lake of fire. He'll is always enlarging itself because, most people are not equipping their children with the truth. They are afraid and embarrassed to share the gospel with their children. Children are dying daily without hope. Parents are too busy judging everybody else. They even judge their children. There is no love in most Christian homes. Their hearts are hardened to the love of God. So, the enemy takes their soul with cartoons like these. God bless you Brother for your boldness to share the truth in plain sight. And keep us aware of what is going on so we can pray! Luv u💕

  6. The Simpsons hate Jesus christ in series 18 episode : mobile homer.. When homer gets a RV and falls out with marge coz he doesn't take out life insurance.Ned Flanders boys say they think there gonna die from thre fumes when Ned Flanders says the lord wouldn't let us die like that in which to that Jesus Christ is stood there with an evil grin while the boys are dying.
    How people don't see this blatant mockery of Christianity is beyond me…matt groaning is a satanic illuminati they think the bible is a comic book.

  7. Is this a Simpsons commercial? Come on, this guy can't be for real. 😉
    If so, people like him are the whole point of episodes like this and they don't even get it.
    So fucking hilarious.
    And the he says, "hollywoods origins are … simply supportive of devils." (got the pause? out of the "jew oringins" thing to live another day 😉 )

  8. Im sorry, I missed where it clearly said 'thou shall not make any graven images ''BEFORE HIMSELF"". I didnt see where it said that. I dont completely disagree with you but I think you twisted scripture a bit there.

  9. thecontroversy7
    christianity goes against the 10 commandments of king james version
    by graving jesus image and statues and worshipping him
    dont you see that why do churches take action cause churches support trinity

  10. thecontroversy7
    the simpsons are showing that christmas was a pagan festival
    it got nothing to do with jesus or his birth
    look up reseach before u say something
    simpsons are mocking christmas by calling that get on with pagan festival

  11. Actually, Simpsons is touching down on the fact that Christmas is a holiday stolen from the Pagans called Yule or the winter solstice. the rituals performed in this episode stays true to ancient pagan tradition. you are a fool.

  12. What you plant in your mind will always manifest itself in your life stop the self inflicted nonsense its just a cartoon don't be in slaved by your religious beliefs God is don't be mislead by the sons of God understand that the son walks and who he is soon has came the thief has come many times and you still has no idea who he is time for you all to wake up from your self inflicted nonsense

  13. yes man youre right but i know whats going on in this world. Theres a bigger picture and this war that Russia will be an illusion. .. we will go but for no reason but for outposts and checkpoints so we can have troops their and invade the middle east.

  14. Walking around in christmas themed outfits is just as silly as what the characters were wearing for the pagan festival.

    This episode of the simpsons went WAY over ur head, its meant to be an allegory dummy. Jeez! u religious nuts are a silly bunch.

  15. LOL who cares what the bible says? They were making fun of u christians celebrating a pagan holiday.

    For u christians that celebrates christmas and have a christmas tree, u are a heathen according to ur own religion.


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