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  1. There is lithium in trace minerals you add to water. I went to a local natural store to get trace minerals. I noticed that lithium was in the trace minerals?!? I also heard its in the chemtrails. Please don't take my word for it and do your research.

  2. Who owns Test America Inc?
    Who really own them!
    I just had a very odd conversation with the company about making arrangements for my drinking water to be tested.

    They make $123 million a year and are listed as a foreign company? Patriots? Can you educate?

  3. It rains in western PA (Im about 60 miles east of Pittsburgh) 5 or 6 days a week now. I'm 45 yrs old. It was never this way. The only nice weather we had this summer was around the 4th of July. I've also notice for the past few years that even when the sky is clear at 11 AM by 3PM its cloudy. When I was a kid there was weeks that would go by when you wouldn't see a cloud. Now its just the opposite. There's a power plant about 30 miles west of me that puts huge clouds of "whatever" into the sky all day long. I wonder if it has anything to do with it?

  4. My Dr put me on lithium about 3 yes ago I took it for a few months the last day I took it I got in the shower and washing my hair I closed my eyes I Could See My Eyeballs With Them Shut ?! WTH??? I'm serious I could see the color of them even they're green but I saw them like antifreeze color scary stuff don't take it Now I'm scared to drink the water 🙁

  5. I know from experience that lithium is no good since I've been on it for 8 years for bipolar 2 it seems to be erasing my memories and making me feel shit daily. So to put lithium in the water supply is a really bad thing especially without peoples consent its bad enough being prescribed it to take. They are doing it to dull people down that's all not because they want to prevent suicide because in all fairness why would they care its so they don't question what's going on around them nowadays. Thanks and take care

  6. At the 5 min and 4 sec mark, I paused the vid, bc what u were showing to be the moon, there’s a face in that. Go back and look, so I’m the only one to see that. Kinda surprised u didn’t p/u on that, unless u did later after my pause. Great work, TY Richie 🇺🇸

  7. There making it rain with geo engeneering it is increasing the humidity and causing infections to spread more easaily. When you skin is moist it will absorb toxins more easaily.

  8. Thank you so much! I just found your channel, thanks for saying the truth. So good to know their are people like you speaking the truth, no matter how uncomfortable.

  9. Three things I have to say here : 1) we have been lied to about diet…and our brains don't function properly because it needs saturated fat! ( we are told not to eat that…bad for us ) , 2) something that used to be in our soil until big agribusiness killed it off – diatomaceous earth ( food grade ) draws out heavy metals and kills parasites ( i have watched my veins grow in size since I have been taking it….) and last but not least 3) God is in control of ALL and God IS love he doesnt have love like us folks, meaning All will work together for good in the end. ( and ALL are saved, that happened at the cross 1 Timothy 4:10 ) …and Richie…maybe those wheels are this ? –

  10. Thanks Richie.
    I am reminded that somewhere between 67 and 69 I saw a B Movie about hippie revolutionaries taking over by putting LSD in the water supply and putting everybody above the age of 32 in re-education camps.
    Dad started telling me about the shadow 2 years before that.
    I didn't think I would live to see it, but here I am and it sure seems like it's here.

  11. they have California on fire with dew weapons, in PA we are getting all this rain…NO sun at all are they going to flood us here on the east coast? agenda 21 is steppin up. soon we will all be annihilated.they want to cut population. will there be a USA PURGE? we can only guess what they are up to!!

  12. November 11th?Hmmmm.I must be living in and alternate timeline. I'll see everyone when I catch up to y'all. Unless they come to take me away with a straight jacket so I can weave beautiful baskets for them. The Aliens are coming, haven't you heard? Lol. J. K. Yeah, I've got jokes and a tin foil hat. Peace…….

  13. if you think this is bad look into milk you will stop drinking it so fast and that soy crap or almond crap wow don't trust the label do some research on what things can be called under other names to hide what it is on every label of food you eat

  14. Same here above you in n.h. we're getting constant rain and wind storms. I was telling ppl the other day to prepare for winter. Us that knows what's going on in the skies knows what's up

  15. Now I know what I was recording when I have that 64 x zoom camcorder. I would zoom in on what I thought to be was a star or a stationary drone and it looked exactly as what you have on the screen.

  16. Lithium is a heavy metal used in batteries, its more transhuman tech,they're trying to turn us all into robots ,most people already are,I'm so sad for the children . They aren't so much targeting us old people but our poor grandchildren are being turned into freaks


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