Produced by Bob Singleton

(c) 1993 Concordia Publishing House

Stories and Songs:
Sing a Bible Story Song – Intro (0:00)
God Makes the World (0:43)/God Made Adam (2:51)
The Garden and the Snake (3:15)/You Are By My Side (4:54)
Noah’s Ark (6:00)/Rise and Shine (7:29)
Joseph and His Brothers (9:42)/Do Lord! Psalm 27 (11:14)
Miriam and Baby Moses (13:19)/Moses (14:41)
A Job for Moses (15:21)/When Israel Was in Egypt’s Land (17:04)
The Red Sea (18:53)/Come and Join in Moses’ Song (20:01)
The Battle of Jericho (21:49)/Joshua (22:56)
David and Goliath (24:18)/Shout and Sing (25:36)
David’s Song (27:25)/The Lord is My Shepherd, I’ll Not Want (28:30)
Food for Elijah (30:31)/Psalm 50:15 (31:50)
Jonah and the Big Fish (33:21)/Jonah (34:36)
The Fiery Furnace (36:33)/Children of the Heavenly Father (37:43)
Daniel and the Lion’s Den (39:20)/All Night, All Day (40:51)

These songs are also heard from Songs Kids Love to Sing:
You Are By My Side
Do Lord! Psalm 27
Come and Join in Moses’ Song
Psalm 50:15



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