About Video:
Do you dream? Are they prophetic dreams? Well I dream too and my dreams are prophetic. In this video I start off sharing tips on how to steward your dreams more, then I share my dream and interpretation, then I share how this “tragic” dream actually came true in my life.

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More about Brianca:

Brianca Hardy is an Inner Healing Life Coach, ordained Prophet, serves as an Executive Pastor at The Passion Center (Montgomery, AL), and is an energetic Youtuber on her “Life with Brianca” channel. She is the Founder of Dancing In The Rain Ministries, a non-profit organization, dedicated in teaching women and teen girls how to overcome challenging seasons and use those difficult seasons as fuel to drive them into their personal purpose in life.


0:00 – 0:59 Welcome
1:00 – 1:58 Intro to “Steward Your Dreams” encouragement
1:59 – 3:38 Tip 1 Write down your dreams
3:41 – 4:51 Tip 2 Pray over your dreams
5:00 – 5:50 Tip 3 Seek Holy Spirit for interpretation
6:00 – 6:57 Tip 4 Title your dream
6:58 – 8:39 Tip 5 Review your dream
8:40 – 10:03 Bonus Tip Ask God for dreams

10:04 – 12:30 My Prophetic Dream
12:32 – 17:05 The Interpretation of My Dream
17:05 – 21:32 THIS DREAM CAME TRUE
21:33 – 22:26 Observe your entire dream : Redemption
22:27 – 23:18 I’m resilient just like my faith
23:19 – 23:57 Recap
23:56 – 25:07 All things work together
25:08 – 26:46 Prayer & Farewell




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