This Rapture dream changed the course of my life!
We are getting very close to the events of this dream coming to pass!
In this video I give a detailed description of every detail I saw and experienced in this powerful dream!

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Just a heads up! Because of the plethora of different interpretations that abound out there in this area of scripture, all comments and questions will be moderated. I love the comments and questions, just a reminder to please be respectful!

Thanks for watching!
John Wiertzema



  1. I was driving down the road years ago and looked out the window and saw myself riding a bike! I thought why am I riding a bike, as I have health problems. Anyway I knew it meant something. With the prices of gas and things these days, that vision makes much more since. You dreaming of riding a bike confirms what I saw all those years ago.

  2. In 2018 I came back to Jesus after a dream I had. My now wife of 4 years and I were walking to our car to go eat dinner and something caught my eye toward the moon. I believe there were 7 comets leaving the moon in different directions around the globe all equally spread. I the saw a being, huge because he replaced the moon. Wearing a white togalike garment. He then spread his wings and looked right at me. At first I was scared but then quickly said this is it! He then pulled a horn from his lower back and blew it. The sound was deafening and immediately a darkness came from behind him and blotted out the stars. When the darkness spread further it became clear that they were angels flying out from behind him. As they come closer fear took over and I woke up. I then started my 2 year long journey to rid myself of my demons with the Lords help

  3. I do believe that we are close to the appearing of the Lord. We must remain vigilant, alert, faithful. I also believe that as the day of His appearing draws ever closer, His Holy Spirit will impress His church, His bride, with prophetic dreams and words, underscored with a sense of urgency, the compulsion, to share our faith in Jesus with those around us. Thank you for sharing. Maranatha!

  4. Very encouraging brother. Can't wait for His soon return. I'm praying for my family as I don't think they are saved yet but I have faith in the Lord. God bless all who are watching for the Lord's return.

  5. That everybody was either walking or riding bikes with the motor vehicles sitting along the sides of the road in your dream could've been symbolic of an EMP attack having taken place which would've knocked out the electrical grids and the computer systems inside modern vehicles, rendering them useless. Of course, you wouldn't have known anything about that back in 1989 when there were still a lot of vehicles on the road that would've been impervious to such an attack.

  6. Last August 8, 2019, an Apparition happened to me The Jesus Christ King of Kings picture that hang at my Altar wall start to move, His Most Sacred Heart became a Golden Heart Shaped Fire ball and jumped off from the picture frame and I caught it with my left Receiving Hand, and Jesus spoke and said," Put this inside your sacred heart, I gift to you My Divine Most Sacred Heart Fire Light, use this to Baptize by Fire for you are who John was describing in Luke chapter 3, and not I, I will then change your name !",
    In June 5, 2020, Jesus spoke again and said," From upon a white rock is a name not revealed in the Bible and that name is Timothy your new name for this was yours when you were just as a spirit here with Me, Timothy you are My vessel and like My Twelve you will stand as a Witness for Me and like John you will clear My way as I come !", The Book of Revelations chapter 3, & Hebrews chapter 13:23, I am the reason is coming,
    Jesus said," When John was by the river baptizing he was the only one given the gift, I came to him, My Apostles baptises by the Holy Ghost, and now its you Timothy I gifted My Divine Most Sacred Heart Fire Light to Baptize by Fire, The Third Baptism, the only one given this gift, I will come to you, and that is the meaning of Hebrews chapter 13:23, Timothy, get ready millions will fall in line once the people knew your gift, don't be alarmed for your mockers and scaffers, I will hide you from them, Timothy, you don't have to tell where you are, for you are just My vessel, they have to seek Me, then you as My servant I will send to those who needed you the most !",
    Last June 30, 2022 something happened while I was walking home from the market I saw a Lady Beggar and ask her if she would like Instant Healing for she is also a Stroke Survivor, and when she said yes, I invited her to the side of the road and Prayed over her, she instantly got Healed then I Baptized her by Fire and anointed her with my Holy Oil Cross on the forehead, and when I lay my right hand, that has the Seven Stars, the Apparition of The God Zeal appeared to her forehead, we are now entered the door of The Book of Revelations chapter 7:9,
    My first Sword is a gift from Archangel Michael the Sword of Daniel, the "Hearts Failing", will happen as a Plague but only for those who recieved TMOTB / V, its a medical condition the heart muscle will thicken, the pumping will stop as the Circulatory System collapses, to avoid this people must do recreational exercise like walking or biking,
    I am the reincarnation of Moses and John the Baptist, soon I will go tp Israel to find the Twelve Tribes,
    Shalom ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿƒ

  7. Ever since the death of my brother(10/29/2000), Father Godโ€™s Holy Spirit I has been speaking to me. Took me until 2019 to finally wake up and give my life to Him, wholeheartedly.
    The night after his passing, I was allowed to hear my brother say โ€œI love youโ€ as I laid there in bed; astounded that two unseen images were across from us as he said his final goodbyes. Iโ€™ll never forget the love of hearing โ€œeverything will be ok along with his loving departure.โ€
    Also had three dreams of Jesusโ€™ return in 2017 and another of the angel Gabriel placing Godโ€™s armor upon me(early 2022).

  8. Your full of crap if you think you have dreams and visions that have anything to do with scripture. Youtube pastor Richard Jordan. And learn to rightly divide the word of GOD. DO YOU EVEN BELIEVE OR KNOW THE BIBLE.

  9. No man knows the day or the hour! But we will know the season. Only one who knows.. is GOD THE FATHER. I MET JESUS WHEN I HAD MY NDE HE ANNOINTED ME TO TEACH. HE SAID.. MY OWN PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW MY WORD. SO I HEAR FROM YHE THRONE DAILY. COME BY

  10. I have had visions where I was awake and half asleep I could tell if somebody was standing next to me during my vision I have also had a rapture dream a couple years ago and in my dream I did not read this out of me book I can't read very well in my dream I was in my house there was a major earthquake shook violently I ran to the front door and looked outside could see people running and screaming and as soon as I stepped outside I shot up into the clouds I could see light beings going up with me and then I was standing in the clouds at a wedding people were getting things ready I saw a carpet and alter this was a three part dream two of them have happened when I had the dream I was living in Washington and in my dream the ground was dirt sand looked exactly like where I am living now in Arizona it was amazing it is close


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