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  1. Yes this was a revelation type dream I beleive and it's a put political watch dog parties and the gates agendas. Thank you so much for sharing this dream. It very rich with things and actually helped me a lot with stuff I am also getting spiritual at this time. I plead the healing balm of the universe here in Jesus name God Bless! Please keep sharing ..I cNt thank you enough. I pray over these dreams and wonders. 1:44 🙏

  2. Mike, I think in the last dream you told us, with Bill G. walking down the same road as you, tells me that even the wealthy will be suffering the same problem as the rest of us (posable EMP?) and their money cannot fix it. And I also had a dream this summer and about a good friend after he passed away, tell me in the dream that I have no shoes on? and I looked at his feet, and I saw he was shoeless also? And that was the whole the dream! And I thought this must mean something, and the only thing I could think of was the same you said, about it being Holy Gound?

  3. Thank you for sharing. Please keep uploading these. I would love to hear more. As you know, I don’t share my dreams anymore. I have some dreams that I fear to speak about on a social platform that involves politics. As a woman who lived alone, I prefer to not talk about things that would draw attention to myself. They have come true though.

    I fear things are going to get worse and never get better. Food shortages, inflation, and the growing stresses on people are going to escalate.

    I believe cities will become abandoned like the one in your dream. Pretty soon people are going to leave for lack of money, food, and crime. People are going to turn away from God during their struggles and other religions/worship will raise up to replace the christian faith.


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