Today I want to share some content that may be different from what I often talk about, but it weaves in the principles of love, grace, healing and freedom throughout it all. It involves my experience watching The Jesus Music movie, which brought about so many memories of my journey with Christian music. Along the way of my healing and freedom journey, there have been many experiences with Christian music and artists that have left a profound mark on my life.

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  1. I was thinking of many problems about my Mental health in reality i was having no Mental health problems and now I have
    Given so much time to it that now iam always thinking about it not even a single
    Second of my day, arguing with myself
    That iam having this or that and you can say that I have developed rumination on my own please help me getting out of this please iam feeling hopeless!!!!!
    Thinking about it all day long

  2. You have been such a major blessing in my life. Not just this video (I got saved in the Jesus Movement), but many, many others. Thank you so much for saying "Yes" to your calling.

  3. I actually got involved in the secular music industry in my early 20's..with the guy from Mushroom records in Australia..Michael Gudinski..i got to meet and hang out with some of the bands, bon jovi, billy idol, michael jackson (though he never came out of his room, it was his band)..billy idol was pretty..odd and creepy..thank God my mom was always praying for me, or who knows where I mightve ended up…people are definately not meant to be glorified, it really messes them up..though bon jovi were pretty humble

  4. Everytime there are conversations about ufos these days, I think of Daniel Amos's song horrendous disc..he was way ahead of his time, almost a futuristic genre..

  5. Hi Mark, interesting vid today. Yes I know all these, my eldest brother had all of these artists. He used to play them in his firebird and took us for rides all the time..brings back memories

  6. Your calling is to simply trust God and moment by moment he will lead us as we walk by faith and God will work miracles time and time again as our faith strengthens to overcome the enemy by the word of our testimony.

  7. I need to see this… thanks Mark… I got saved mid nineties, and those artists pivotal in my life… and I was one of those “hippies” ☺️
    Addendum: ahhh Mark, I love this discussion and been on both sides… having come from same said legalistic church, I was a too much creative/sensitive musician that struggled with “God’s holiness”
    Thank God for your teachings and the patience of the Holy Spirit to help me get grounded…ps again, I never knew you drove that van… 🙏🏻🙂

  8. Wow Mark this was so cool 😎, I was radically saved 3 years ago, grew up in Catholic Church and it was hard to try to find a church at first just because of all the different denominations, then I fell into legalism and false teachings 🤯 I am so glad I landed here to be set free and to learn to receive the Love of the father and to learn to love myself and to others and most importantly to have Compassion. I think it’s also beautiful to see Jewish/ Messianic music going across the world were people are hearing music in Hebrew.

  9. Thanks Mark for sharing, loved this episode and the format. Would you do another and tell some more of your personal stories? The music you brought out really influenced my journey. I was saved in 1993, got Phil Keaggy's Crimson and Blue cassette. Heard "Your Love Broke Through" not long after that. Great memories, still listening to Jesus Music/CCM. These artists and their music helped me through the years. Gonna watch this movie.

  10. appreciate you sharing about Lonnie. He was instrumental in my life at a crucial time (1970). A man of discernment and compassion.. t was brought to tears when recalling Lonnie. Want him to be in the line of people I embrace when I get to heaven., Was part of the early Calvary Chapel, Chuck Smith baptized me in the ocean. Love Song was an often featured band at church. T'was a amazing work of the Lord.!


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