This is my true life story, my 1st OBE happened in 1984.

Live your life now. After over several years of surviving depression, I was rotting inside. No one knows this happened to me, as my picturesque family appears to be perfect from the outside looking in, with a 5000 square feet house and professional parents. At 2:40 am, I decided to stop working on my biology project and get some rest before going to school that morning. I laid down on my bed like any other night and felt feet stumping right beside my bed. I acknowledged it as it was my Grandmother who passed away in that same room. Shortly after, I felt my face bumping to the ceiling. I looked down and saw my body in a very peaceful. Both my hands were across my belly as if I was in a coffin. I screamed as loud as I could, but there was no sound coming out. I thought that perhaps if I could drop my leg on the side of the bed, I could wake up from these nightmares, but I couldn’t. In my mind, I uttered a name in my head, and that saved me. I moved my right pointing finger and opened my eyes. It was only 2:45 am 5 minutes just passed. That experience was a long time ago; I was only 14 when I had my first OBE (Out of Body Experience); Except there was no known terminology of what happened to me, or at least that I know of then. Shortly after, I began to experience prophetic dreams, some even lucid prophetic dreams. My dreams varied from meeting the boy that I will marry on the mountainside to my mom’s death with the precise date and time and that we will move to a faraway place after she passed. I also had simple prophetic dreams like seeing one of the questions in my board exams and that my boss will be on vacation when the company we work for gets sold. I realized my spiritual awakening journey began then when I was 14 years old. That was when I had thought of “what if I die today?”. I was able to heal and continue to heal from the past. There is hope; there are reasons why our soul chooses the path we are taking. Trust on the road that your higher self chooses for you; the perfect pathway is the one that your higher self chooses for you. We all have a life purpose and eventually learn that our soul mission is with service with light and love and practice compassion. Live your life now. Live in light and love!

Heal from inside out. The magickal recipe of love, peace, transformation, freedom, and power, a complete recipe for healing inside out, a positive change with lasting impact.

**ASMR whisper,

Written and spoken by JC.

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  1. Ganda Sis full of emotions , nice encouraging to other people that have experience like You, to be brave to accept the challenge in our Life , all we have Mission in our Life and faith is important


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