1. I forgot to mention all the doors and windows were open where Jesus sat. Anyone could go in. There were empty tables everywhere. Jesus was available but no one was inside. They were all out by the pool. There was no hotel staff inside the restaurant. All the staff was by the pool or in the rooms.

    I also never noticed until I played that testimony back that I fought tooth and nail that the evil hotel was not mine but at soon as I saw my husband and he looked tired and irritable and wanted to go check in, I hurried to please him. They used my husband to lure me to “my room” since I refused it on my own. Thanks to the Almighty God’s grace and mercy, the truth and danger was revealed to me. Thank you, Jesus!

    It was a terrifying dream but I take it as a blessing. It's a blessing to be able to see beyond the veneer of earthly beauty and see the darkness behind it. It reminded me of the old school Pinocchio movie where all the kids are led to a rules free paradise but they were really being trapped and sold into slavery. The fun was just a lure into the trap. Thank you, Jesus. Please give me eyes to see and ears to hear. 💕

  2. This was soooo beautiful ⛲️🎠🎡🌅🌠🌌. You shared it so well. Jesus feels so much love 💗 from your testimony. 😇⚔️ love you sister. -Michael the Great Prince. Thank you 🙏🏾 for keeping the Faith

  3. He is showing himself in visions and dreams so that people would recognize him because he is already here living just outside of Nazareth and those in power and the false prophets are not telling the public so that they can keep raking in money!

  4. I have dreamed 3 times of Jesus Christ after asking for him or guidance about issues. And all three times I never once saw his face and he was always right in front of me. He has said my name to me and asked if I was ready. Among other things. Very lucid dreams.

  5. In a dark vision with my eyes being opened I saw Jesus Christ crucified for my sins after I called upon his name acknowledging my sins to him and I humbly asked for mercy. The gospel is true, I'm a witness.

  6. uhhm sorry to say anything on your comment thing uhh but this is really an extrodinary dream, this was a horror dream, like the Shining kinda thing, I did not know this type of dream was possible


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