1. It's so painful. I'm divorced as well. I've been hanging out with Jesus for a few years and feel ready. I went on the sites but soon came off. Most men were pretending to be Christians just to find a wife. So sad.

  2. I have tried a Christian dating site for a week, it was so weird, literally more weird than non Christian dating sites, I cant even remember which site it was. Its so strange that in the UK, people don't really approach each other in natural situations, so I don't even know how single Christians meet apart from some church events. Someone needs to organise live activities where Chritian singles can take part. Online dating is sooo tiring 🙈

  3. I have found these sites can be a bit of a minefield, and it be tiring with all that goes with it. It is so different to traditionally meeting someone in person and yes, I too found similar high expectations on people's profiles. There are good and not so good things about online dating 🙂 However, I think in time things can work out, if it's God's will.

  4. me resulta difícil suscribirme a una página así… también siento que es como un catálogo de personas … antes de ser cristiana usaba ese tipo de aplicaciones … pero obviamente era para otra cosa … ahora que volví al Señor quisiera conocer a alguien, pero mi círculo de cristianos es muy pequeño … volviste a considerarlo en este tiempo de pandemia?

  5. Hi Michael.

    Just found your video this fine Sunday after (gorgeous in Plymouth at least, I don’t know about Scotland😂). Your thoughts echo mine so much and I’m glad to know I’m not alone. My friends who met on a Christian dating site have lately been trying to encourage me to get on one. However, we had an earnest discussion on the subject and some of the thoughts/experiences they shared reaffirmed my fears that what could start out as a well intentioned move to find an eligible, willing fellow Christian for a potential long term relationship(marriage), could very easily turn into an exercise of judging/rejecting people you don’t truly know and vice versa.

    I believe that God leads people to meet their spouses through diverse means and as much as in this case it’s worked for my dear friends, I’ve consistently not felt peace, that leading to go ahead & give it a try despite praying and asking God to help me step up to it if it’s a route He wants me to go down.

    I’m watching your video five months after you made it and perhaps you’ve met someone by now but I’ll still be praying that God leads you in that path of becoming established in a Godly, Christ honouring relationship. If you ever get to read this, do pray for me too. I’ll be 33 in October, not desperate or pressured to jump into marriage with the next available man I can drag off the street🤣 – I however do feel ready for it and believe my desire for marriage and building my own family is God given and not out of place. Hopefully, it’ll happen for us all in God’s time.

  6. What can I say dude. I am a Christian man never married in my 40s. No kids but I would like to have kids! I am trying the salt app and have had interest from a few women but I am less than one month on it so it is too early to call it. To be honest I am now open to marrying a non-Christian woman if she is a good woman, honest and accepting of Christianity. I am also using other Christian apps that allow for international matching – maybe I will relocate or get her to relocate. But good luck with searching and don't give up!

  7. Thanks for sharing
    I have been to dating site for 1 year but most of the people they are not serious they have their own interest desire .this discouraged me and i had to quite and trust God for divine connection

  8. It’s always complicated to looking for the right person from online, especially for people have expectations and at the middle age , for people has kids, it’s more complicated, so realistically, I think it should be make sure what you want, and try to find out if the another person has the same goal like you and can walk together in future. Then pray… speed dating is only way the person to meet more people. If woman wants to have kids or family life, yes they definitely to looking for professional because they can help to raise kids together without financial issue.

  9. I'm not using online dating sites anymore. I feel like its wasting time and weird to meet peoples . I'm 29 ,divorced and have 2 kids . No one seems to be interested in me,Looks like I almost gave up . I'll be okay to be single.. hahaha.

  10. Where is your accent from out of interest? I love the reference to Amazon shopping!! Those were the exact words I used when I was moaning about online dating to my lodger (who is also on Salt).


  11. My friends tell me to hang in there and I will meet a good Godly man. I trust him enough to meet my needs but heaven knows I’ve had it with dating sites. I feel so unloved on SALT. I rejoined about two months ago when it was certain there will be no meeting of people for a while but having someone who is a Christian talk to you everyday for a couple of weeks and you thinking something might actually come out of it only for you to wake up and find that he has unmatched you – no provocation, nothing. It’s so tiring


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