Artist/Band and Song

#10 The Afters – Beautiful Love
#9 Mae – The Everglow
#8 Brandon Heath – Give Me Your Eyes
#7 Thousand Foot Krutch – The Art Of Breaking
#6 Switchfoot – Dare You To Move
#5 tobyMac – Suddenly
#4 Falling Up – Searchlights
#3 Skillet – The Last Night
#2 Relient K – The Best Thing
#1 Hawk Nelson – Friend Like That

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  1. Sigh… Don't you see that there is something wrong with main protestant belief? If Luther, Calvin or Zwingli had forseen all the future schisms in protestantism, they would never left the Roman Catholic Church. All those denominations, how can they be true? Ask yourself. Most of those Protestant "churches" only follow the bible as a guideline. The bible was written by MEN who were inspired by the Holy Spirit (exegesis?), as it could contain errors. You never know for sure. I'm Catholic btw.

  2. God is absolutely Holy. Can God not listen or have such music in His kingdom without the stuff that may come afterwards such as sex, drugs, and idolatry?

    What makes someone unholy is sin. Sin is transgression of God's law. If it's not in God's law is it sin? If it's not sin can God do it and still remain holy?

  3. What makes it rock music? If it is truly rock music what makes it different than other music? Are their not instruments? Is their not just a difference in volume? Don't just look at it with shades on look at the whole picture and make a just judgement according to God's word. Rock is music isn't sin its neutral.

  4. ITs not that we're saying we're judging them that they'll go to hell. The bible lets us know about many sins, and it talks about homosexuality being one of them. and its talked about in the bible more than once- if God told us that it is one, and that a whole city (sodom and gomorrah) was burned down and destroyed by trying that stuff with those angels, then im pretty sure the message is clear that it is abominable, and against His creation plan for us. I'm not hating on them!

  5. im seven months late with this reply, but i have to say that yes, we'll be rotting in the ground. but that'll be our earthly bodies. all of our souls will go to the gates of heaven, where our own lives will determine where we go for eternity.

  6. god is a myth ! the bigbang is a myth ! darkmatter really does exist coz thats what keeeps
    the universe stars n planets moving as they should so its gotaa b realllll huh lol
    god is invisable darkmatter is invisable before you kick the bucket which one are you gonna
    stake yur life on faith in god faith in sometin invented by man oboy ..peace to you sister
    and god bless ps brill music

  7. @jaredjosephfarish you cannot prove that God is a myth. just like buddist cant prove nervana. its all about the measure of faith you have. i happen to be a christian myself and sometimes i have doubts, but through faith i know hes real. just like i think the big bang theory is a theory that only an ignorent person can believe. to think that something can come from nothing is contradictory to what scientists have proven. besides all of the profecies portrayed in the bible are happening.

  8. skillet are actually illuminati which their symbol is one eye and triangle well you can see one eye on their new album awake and oh yeah if you know satan anything its hes symbol :/

  9. @serenityluvsgod So… show me where in the bible, just show me one specific bible verse where it says that rock music is of the world. Show me where rock/metal music, that is used to praise God and the Kingdom of Heaven, will be spewed out of the Lord Yeshua's mouth. (btw, you're totally taking the virgin verse out of context). Loving world means loving sin. Show me one verse in the bible where rock music praising Yeshua is a sin!

  10. @22ntzs22 This music is is cursed! Judgment is at the door, and is even now beginning in America, and around the world. Lukewarm carnal "Christians" who love this world, and all the things in it, including the devil's rock/metal music, will be spewed out of the Lord Yeshua's mouth. Judgment begins in the house of the Lord. Those foolish virgins who are not preparing, repenting and living holy, separate lives now, will be given over to the AntiChrist.The hour is late, REPENT NOW!


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