Hear guys ,my top 10 Christian rock and pop songs. Hope you like it. There really good and has to be at least one of your favs.



  1. He is classified still as secular music, but some of his songs have christian messages hidden int hem on purpose, to allow the secular world hear about the love of God. It's brilliant really 😀

  2. and wouldn't it have just been simpler for God to not give us the ability to conjure up ideas of other deities? We would still have free will (by our standards) but without the mental capacity to believe in other religions, we wouldn't even realise it. If God did exist, He could be doing this to us right now and we wouldn't know about it. No one would be harmed and we would just not think about the things he didn't want us to think about because we can't

  3. And how many people's lives DID it change for the better?? The Crusades, Spanish Inquisition. Your God doesn't 'love' everyone otherwise he wouldn't have created wars. He wouldn't have given people the ability to choose another religion if he wanted everyone as an image of himself and he wouldn't have made homosexuality if he didn't want it on his perfect Earth. The entire concept of Christianity, or all religion for that matter save the non-creationalist and peaceful ones, is flawed….

  4. God doesn't exist and you're all just delusional dumbasses who don't know their ass from their elbow following a schizophrenic who, if he were to 'return' today and claim to be the son of God, would be warmly greeted with a cup of shut the fuck up and a padded cell in a friendly mental asylum.

  5. We are ALL the body – we are Christ's hands and feet in this world, and as "one hand washes the other," we have to work together in the field until the name of JESUS is proclaimed throughout the world, with one voice, through many vessels. We Christian artists SHOULD lift up one another for the world to hear! AMEN! I hope you will show your support for Christian artists! Visit and listen to our new album at ReverbNation / 70x7band or subscribe to our YouTube channel for videos from the band!


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