The song is about making sure we never forget to Pray then Slay, right after. Not only should our actions display our Faith within the steps we make blindly, but the song reminds us to use the Word and the promises of God just as David used a stone to kill Goliath. All modern Goliaths can’t prosper against us when we Pray and then Slay them with the reminder of the Word of God.

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  1. Thank you Jesus

    It's 305 baby
    That Spirit all the way alive baby
    Dade County in this thang
    On a mission to give him Glory
    You know Jesus is His name
    So Yea we Pray N we Slay
    Oh what we doin'
    I said Yea we Pray N we Slay
    Oh what we doin'
    You know it
    Yea we Pray and we Slay
    We slaying these Giants everyday
    Just like David against Goliath
    GOD always make a way
    Yea you know God sent his only Son
    Packaged as himself
    But 3days he rosed up
    Straight from hell
    You know what's up
    He became that GOAT
    That real boss
    And we his children you know what's up
    Yea He our Savior too
    Oh what you thought it was somebody else
    Oh Chile please get on them knees
    And pray to the Lord yes indeed
    I'm not even a follower tho
    But for Christ He got me
    And if you cut me He's what I bleed
    Like a bassah He all I need
    Aye let me tell you what I mean
    Christ in me
    He Lives in Me
    He told satan to back back
    He got our backs and matter of fact
    Oh yeah He was stating them facts
    And overall yea he handled that
    So what you worried about now
    Have a coke have a smile
    Chill bro Relax and trust God
    Chile what you talking bout
    Yea we Pray N we Slay
    Oh what we doin'
    I said Yea we Pray N we Slay
    Oh what we doin'
    You know it
    Yea we Pray and we Slay
    We slaying these Giants everyday
    Just like David against Goliath
    GOD always make a way
    They say
    How you trust God when everything
    Go out of Wack
    Oh Chile I don't handle that
    Jesus really got my back
    Hey ima solider what you mean
    And being a Christian ain't what it seems
    Plus they think this life be sweet
    Like we ain't got no enemy
    A lot of things been taken away from me
    Like a bunch of my family
    You know how many times I've been
    Broken and broke Chile please
    Alotta things I won't even say
    Cuz this ain't time for me
    But The Lord is with me everyday
    Bro I really sleep
    Aye that Favor ion Deserve it
    His Grace I'll never earn it
    But in Him I'm super perfect
    Plus his LOVE made me a servant
    It's unconditional knowing that
    His Love provides us peace
    My Savior is All Powerful
    He strong when I am weak
    And He'll take care of me
    He'll never leave me
    He'll Never abandon me Like people do
    Plus His aroma sweet
    So no matter how much that fire
    Gets close to me
    I'm 10 toes down up in this furnace
    Where you thought, I'd be?
    No fear like the 3 Hebrew Boys
    We Straight Ganged up
    They can throw me in this fire too
    And My Faith will never change up
    My Mind focused on my Lord
    So no fire consumes me
    There's only one I serve
    Plus that word been promised me
    That No fire will harm me
    No smell of smoke on the me
    Nothing will scorch me
    And no river will overflow me
    Look I'ma Christian baby
    So I breathe in what this word be
    Plus He did it on the cross
    Yea that's how much He loved me
    So I go where the word reside
    And actually the word resides within me
    I go to the word
    The word is in me
    So that mean it resides everywhere I be
    And that's on Mary had a lil lamb huni
    And that lil lamb she had
    Changed the whole wide world baby

  2. You beautiful girl and you working them gold teeth I never seen anyone do justice with gold teeth, just you deff work for you. Don't worry about what people are saying bout the way you dress, if Jesus don't like it he'll let ya know after all he's the only one that matters. Some people just may be peanut butter and jealous 😆

  3. Thank God for alot … and I see That sky is still out there…lol 🙂 grass stems can't really count them but God still there… rain drops don't turn into buildings but yep.. God is melvin lee peppers jr aka mel jr 🙂

  4. As a sister in the Body of Christ, let us not judge anyone. A new child of God is not on the same level of spiritual discernment and understanding as another who has been learning and growing for longer. God's word tells us that we are to use spiritual discernment and a tree is known by its fruit. As brothers and sisters in the Body we need to pray for each other and encourage each other 🙏 I liked the song, 💕 and as for the 👗 I can understand about the high thigh split is not to me appropriate but I will pray for her for Jehovah God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit to give her understanding about stumbling block etc. Growing up in Christ is a life long process one day at a time. Let's not judge but pray! Love you all. Revelation 12:11

  5. You should never promote something that could allow somebody to stumble. Not exactly sure the exact verse but it's in the Bible. God bless this woman for at least promoting God but come on Christians do not dress like that except maybe in the bedroom with their husbands! I mean even the way she's moving with that dress could easily stumble a man. This is the first time I've ever seen a Christian video like that. Wow

  6. The message of the song is fine. But ppl questioning others about judging her appearance well the Bible tells us to judge righteously. We are to judge but not make a hypocritical judgement. We are still to judge. I get where they're coming from about the whole modest dressing and they're right. We need to start following the Bible since we're Christians. No need to be of the world.

  7. I appreciate the message but mixed with your choice of clothing in this video; you are saying more than you think. If I took away the music and just watched the video, would I think this was a Christian video? No… Please remember that there are younger women looking for Christian role models in music. You just became the Christian parents nightmare. How do we explain to our children that it's not ok to show legs, have your legs open at times and lace shorts. What are we promoting here? I am all for being able to express oneself but when you are repping the kingdom, you are not just repping yourself.PLEASE LETS USE WISDOM… YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND WE CAN SEE GOD IS WORKING ON YOU. Maybe you can find a Godly woman that can mentor you someone thay will be honest.

  8. All praise to the most high 🙌 we are to be Christ-like in all that we are, say and do. She is glorifying Christ and bringing a message from the kingdom to those whom hear. "COME AS YOU ARE" did we forget the God doesn't care how we dress or any of that nonsense what matters is his/her heart!!! Keep doing you baby gurl and keep letting the light shine bright 🙌🙌

  9. Before I judge what she's wearing I'm judging my own heart to make sure that I am not abusing the beauty that God gave her by sexualizing her with what the culture tells me is supposed to be sexy. I think both of her outfits are dope and I think she looks cool as hell.

  10. 1 Timothy 2:9

    Likewise, I want women to adorn themselves modestly and appropriately and discreetly in proper clothing

    (This is the word of God sister)
    Don’t fight it or feel your being hated on. That’s what the devil want you to think so that pride takes over your desires. You will do better when you humble yourself all the way by not just rapping about Jesus, but demonstrating Jesus in every way including the way you dress and carry yourself, to be an example to the world in a way the Bible says y’all should as women who are children of God. Forget a Christian hip hop. That ain’t God.

  11. There’s levels to it, when we are representing God.

    2 Timothy 3:16-17

    16 All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness

    17 so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

  12. Turn the music VOLUME all the way DOWN and watch it MUTED and then come back and comment again after watching the video at 0:47 👈(click) those of you that feel she represented our faith in a way that isn’t lustful and worldly. Y’all christian women don’t like to be accountable for y’all provocative, haughty and arrogant way these days. Too many of y’all be wearing tight perverted clothes in church and outside of church, saying they are christians and the pastors have allowed y’all being worldly because they want y’all membership, and y’all get out there in front of sinners and make them right at home with this stripper like personality and lustful attire and want y’all brothers and sisters to accept it because y’all talking about Jesus?? Who do y’all think y’all are?? We are just servants of God. We not “BOSSES when it comes to how we represent Jesus. We can’t just do it how we wanna do it. If the Holy Spirit isn’t leading us by guiding us on how to go about it and it’s us leading, it’s gonna turn out to be self leading and not God. If it’s us, we will be losing plenty of opportunities to win people to Christ. Just because people bounce the music and celebrate her, doesn’t mean they are even saved. And those of you who say your Christian and are justifying her behavior and others who do similar are wrong and should be ashamed of yourselves and need to make sure you are really saved. Because when Jesus saves us after we repent, we have to turn from our sinful behavior we had before we received Jesus in order to grow spiritually and look more like Jesus in look and behavior. If we even have to have this conversation, that’s proof there’s something wrong with it, because if not there wouldn’t have been anything to say and her video could have just been talked about in a better way. Sometimes, we mess up, and we got to acknowledge it and fix it, not deny everything that we do that isn’t right. We are looking like we just wanna be like the world and like it’s not about God but about us. There is a way that seems right but that way leads to death (hell) be not wise in y’all own understanding about what it means to be a child of God, but be a child of God based on what the Bible describes, not the society or culture of society that has now infected the church/body of Christ with its immorality

  13. Even if y’all feel it’s not her problem that others fall because of her dress, still, if somebody is made aware that the dress could cause somebody to stumble, they are wrong for that either way and should fix that. There’s nothing wrong with changing to represent God as holy as possible in front of the world. That’s what wins souls. It should be about all that anyway when talking about Jesus, being sexy. sex doesn’t draw people to Jesus no matter how much y’all try to justify it. sex draws people away from Jesus. And that’s not the way it’s supposed to be from a christian

  14. My sister at 0:47 your breast bouncing around about to pop out. Sis, I love your flow but, this isn’t cool. I’m not trying to offend you ❤️ You have good lyrics, but to be representing Jesus is more than good music and energy.

    muslims wouldn’t go for this sort of thing. and they are a false religion. how much more should we take our faith serious? we all have friends that are still connected with the world, who are living in a way that are sure to send them to hell.

    We can’t represent God any ol kinda way and expect for people to get saved just because we look like them and are saying the name “Jesus” while looking fly doing it. Sister, if you’re not ready to go all the way, then don’t do this right now. Ask God to help you with the things you haven’t given up yet. God doesn’t like lukewarm no more than people don’t like lukewarm tea or coffee.

    Revelation 3:16
    Therefore because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, it will come to pass, that I shall spew thee out of my mouth.

    You might be able to draw sinners in, but it’s the spirit of God (righteousness) blended in the presentation and by the way we carry ourselves that can convert people from sinner to saint. And that change is supposed to be evident to people.

    How can it be evident if we try to identify with them more than we identify with Jesus? Everything about a sheep looks different. And everything about a wolf looks different. When we are trying to win people to Jesus we have to be sure not to look like the world.

    It’s not our job to go all out to win people to Jesus by trying to be like them. Instead we are always supposed to be trying to look like Jesus without feeling we have to conform with this world’s society and acceptance to do so. God doesn’t need our help that bad.

    God doesn’t want us to be like the world. One reason is because it would keep us connected to it, making it easier to backslide into sin from the evil connections that come with the world.

    We have to give the world up in order to be a disciple, and when one is trying to disciple others. The root word for “disciple” is “discipline”. So to be a Christian influencer, one must appear to be living a spiritually disciplined life.

    1 John 2:15-17
    15 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

    16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.

  15. This is not the gospel of Jesus Christ my advice to this artist is to crossover to secular music or consider making drastic changes. The message has been lost through this vulgar depiction of a christian woman. The image being displayed doesn't reflect the scriptures in a positive light. From one young woman to another you don't have to lower yourself to go higher the industry will make you think that . Christians are meant to be different from the world. God can use you If you let Him.

  16. The ones who sit there, in the comments, condemning those who speak critically of her attire choices, and contrastly, this is also for those who judge like the Pharisees towards this daughter of the Most High on her faith walk, I pray that y'all both see the error in those approaches. Those who struggle with the imagery, due to demonic influences and their battle to detach from it, should probably preface their critical commentary with what I like to call, more "bedside manner" and not be afraid to bring their weak areas directly into the healing light of Jesus.. as an example for those who refuse to relate to the hurts and sins of others.. We must boast in our weaknesses! And that does not mean we're supposed to glorify, brag or promote those weaknesses. It means we're unafraid to openly speak on them, so to let others feel more comfortable to let their guard down and more freely express where they struggle too… Yes, she preaching FACTS, YES she is on fire for Jesus, and is a confident, gorgeous woman, and finally, yes, some struggling conflicted christians, who still battle in the internal war of lust that the world ensnared them into, while in the midst of their bondage to that lust…. They might struggle with the first half of the video, due to the excess skin she is so beautifully confident in. Maybe they should start with something like, "I'm a sinner of lust and am about to be called a sinner of self righteousness and sound like a hypocrite…. But I'm only speaking these words to be the iron that sharpens iron, and I pray that y'all would correct me and hold me accountable as well, no matter if you struggle with the sin that you catch me slippin' in. Absorbing critical recourse is the hardest thing for the new aged Christians, which is why I'm making it known that a demon of lust is who I continue to fight. With that being said, I had to turn away from the video to listen to the song, because the low cut/high leg slit dress was too loud in my mind for my spirit to absorb and appreciate the lyrics and the song itself. I understand that my sins and struggles are MINE to be delivered from and repent against and I hold no other person responsible for my tainted and perverse innocence. But I know that there are many others who struggle the way I do. And I'd feel so bad if, after feeling what I just felt, I just sat idly by while they fall back into their lust sin. So I'm simply attempting to fellowship with you, as one Christ follower to another. To be that iron that sharpens iron. And I pray that pride does not get in the way to create any ungodly resentments within anyone, causing them to lack the empathy for understanding, even if they don't struggle with this issue of the heart like I do. God bless and thanks for taking the time to read this." Lol whether long winded or not, us brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, should be a united front, with much more reasons to wanna understand and relate with eachother than this immediate urge to compare our hearts, expose and condemn others for conveying their personal fight. I pray that this makes an impact for atleast one person. Be blessed y'all!


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