In this classic sketch, Hugh and Steven play two characters in an almost innocent bible study.

Best of Alan Partridge:
Harry Enfield and Chums:

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  1. I did visit a Bible camp that had a surprising amount of nudity and other shenanigans.
    Well, I'm not sure it was a Bible camp, but that's what a local shopkeeper (who got most of his business supplying the camp) told curious journalists..

  2. One of Stephen Fry's great gifts as a comedian is to take a word off the page that isn't funny on it, and make it hilarious. This sketch provides one of the most famous examples, but he does it in other sketches, and in Blackadder, to great effect. No problim.

  3. Just something I thought of, thought it fitted here nicely:

    Even if Jesus existed, the Jesus depicted in the Bible most likely didn't exist, and even if I were to take this so-called Jesus fellow at face value, he doesn't seem all that moral to me, even for the time period. So, I hardly think he is up for the task of being, simultaneously, the son of God and God.

    – I just asked for a cup of tea…

    Well, it's no good you thanking God instead of me, is it?


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