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  1. 2:41 Note what the caption says. "on the right the WAC color is overlain on the middle image" . So right here in the video we see the explanation for the result – a composite image was created by the scientists – and you detected a composite image.

  2. The caption on the photo on the web site says "the WAC color (for the Earth only) is overlain on the middle image."

    On the left the Earth and Moon have the same contrast stretch, in the center the brightness of the Moon is increased relative to that of the Earth, and on the right the WAC color (for the Earth only) is overlain on the middle image.

    So yes. Congratulations flatard moron. You have just proved that the image has been created in exactly the way it was described to have been created on the very web page you took the image from.

  3. How the hell do they have satellites that can take beautiful photos of "galaxies" in all their colors and wonder but have to take a picture of the earth in black and white and then add their colors to it?? How does this make sense??

  4. Did you do the same check for the b/w photos?
    Of which they said – according to you – the colour image was created from?
    You are using a known and confirmed constructed/created colour image to to highlight that it was constructed/created?
    And you are using it to debunk that picture, which they never claimed was real?
    What a waste of time and effort.

    … but believers will hardly notice that fact … – one can rely on them

  5. @Thecontroversy7 I am a flat earther but I did that same experiment took the pictures from the same link you provided and nothing like this showed just a perfect ball earth and the moon. Can you please provide us with the picture which you took from NASA one which you used because if you telling the truth then NASA might have changed the image after being informed about your video

  6. Well… NASA isn't always telling the truth, but they HAVE to cover things up to people to not freak out. But they can't fake that earth is round. Because it's a fact, not only by NASA… do you read history about all the things about earth?

  7. Of course, I do believe NASA is bullshit, but I'm pretty sure that you can see for yourself that the earth is round. Boats disappear in the horizon, there's no reason to take a full 360° flight around the earth, we see how gravity affects the earth, and the Antartica couldn't possibly be as big as the flat earth conspiracy says it is. Loving your videos, man. Keep em coming.

  8. wow the pictures look almost convincing if only I was 5 years old again wait look into found a new picture of ( • ) can't you see I amazing detail I thank nasa is operated by the three stooges or evil clowns…be not deceived God bless

  9. I love your videos. I subscribed a while ago. Where do you live (in the US right)? I know someone who is well "in the know" like you, but he won't tell us everything he knows because he's afraid we'll think he's 'crazy' & says he doesn't have time to tell us the back story so we understand. It scares me.


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