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  1. Thank you for discussing the trains in California carrying military vehicles. I live right by the tracks and see it occasionally and it’s totally normal. I’ve commented on other channels with this info and see that they’re scaring people with false information, and have been ignored. They don’t care and keep spreading fear, which is really upsetting.

  2. If they’re going to Ft. Polk it’s Joint Readiness Training. This goes on all the time. Our last 2 years in before Retirement was at the Lovely Ft. Polk. LA. ( hee hee ) It was a good experience.

  3. Both trains, in this video and in the CA video, are transporting NEW equipment inland. Equipment prepared for installation of the new technology you speak of, going inland. There is more to this than what you are leading into about.

  4. Richie, I'm from New Bedford currently living in SC. Keep up the good work brother, a spiritual war has been going on forever, its getting ready to enter our world. Thanks for your information brother, God bless you.

  5. If there are any ET's out there willing to help out now's a great time! I'd like to take a raygun or plasma rifle to a 5G warrior murder bot drone ED-209 chicken walker 9000 put that alien tech to goooooood use! Yeeehaawww!!

  6. what if the 5g network, was a way for them to control your physical body with radio frequency manipulation (Rfids), the satanist mark of the beast biologically hacking towers. KILL SWITCH ENGAGED.

  7. Isn't that color for desert conditions? The government's military have been in desert condition fighting for America's heroine and opium and human trafficking crap a long time now. It's never the camo that you see anymore, it's the sand color. If these yahoos started running around in the camo, loaded trains and convoys, people will certainly be wanting to know what's going on right? They're doing military drill all of a sudden for METEOR STRIKES…LOL…LIKE WE DON'T FLIPPIN' KNOW NIBIRU IS RIGHT FRIGGIN' HERE!!! This beautiful freaky planet is getting continually hit by flaming rocks since the planet that didn't exist showed up, go figure. The Giants or disgusting abominations have a portal near South Padre Island, and a way in and out without being seen, just muck things up with bad weather and no one's the wiser. Nibiru, the falling ROCKS, and STONE henge, and ROCKWALL, ROCKPORT, etc…the abominations do like their rocks. Rock Island, Texas..a hotspot for demonic activity and UFO'S and every place such as the one's I just named are all over the country and have that one factor in common…UFO's, ROCK WALLS, ROCK PORT(ALS) . Bastrop, Texas whatcha think happened there? FEMA came, FEMA went and helped nobody. Fire and rocks, and fast moving orbs everywhere. Since then, weird "discoveries" outta Bastrop. Weatherman, a satanic song by Dead Sara, kinda explains it. Yeah, I didn't know it was satanic and they are, I was blind when I first heard it. Don't be trippin'. Anyway, freaky weather events happen over the ROCK named places since the arrival of Nibiru. I'm from South Padre area, my spirit always tried to keep me out of that water. They're finding Giants, vampire carcasses and creatures that were made by giants all around there now. My spirit man never ever lets me down.

  8. Someone needs to put you in a rocket and send you into outer space. Where does the earth sit? In nothingness? Please explain to me what is around us. Outside this so called dome.

  9. A lot of fear mongering going on for decades! I'm guessing since the Nixon/Kissinger years? Everyone is a terrorist? Mostly those in Washington DC and Wall St. I mean think about it… It's been almost 20 years since 9/11? They started all the propaganda on RFID chipping people, alien invasions, terrorist entering the country, economy shutting down…etc…etc. Man has been at war for centuries? Here in America, since WWI. All for what? Dirt? Population control? Playing "GOD"? What's their reasons? Evil forces?

  10. Nothing new with the military equipment on train. Was watching these same vids in 2010 and everyone was saying the crackdown was here… Well, not so much. No crackdown is coming they will continue to poison us and we will continue to work our lives away for their benefit…rinse and repeat.

  11. Jesus said, 'those who are first will be last, and those who are last will be first'. I think He literally knew, the more good-hearted you are, they are going to oppress you in one way or five….also this scripture is starting to make a whole lotta sense..'for what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul? Thanks Richie, whole armor.

  12. “Look” were are going to war. Simple as that. If you think differently then your a dumbass. I hope a asteroid hits, it will clean out all the shit in this county and around the world..

  13. I sometimes thing the USA is blurring out the skies to keep other countries from spying. Along with the Trump wall… that wall has a much bigger end goal to serve aside from the Mexicans. Which without a doubt will still serve as protection. To protect the USA. I think a big war is on the horizon & that it’s going to take place on America soil. The wall the sky hazing … it’s all preparation. Defense!!! They are building above ground bunkers and new mussel batteries and silo locations etc…. all of which can be seen from the air. Just as the USA spies on everyone else…. they to are being watched. And to keep those prying eyes from seeing … cover them up !!!

  14. I think it's strange that I just started looking into flat Earth recently and taking it seriously, I don't believe the earth us flat. But the research is uncovering some serious shit. More and more people are questioning NASA and what's real. All this black hole images and space news starts coming out all if a sudden. Check out the images of Jupiter on WSO. Etc so it's too synchronistic. It's fake. And they could be pulling a Space FalseFlag to derail space questioners

  15. The government isn't going to chase after preppers using their credit cards, they will just wait for you to starve. Easier, cheaper & arguably more mental torture for the prepper waiting.
    People scattered about in basements or on top of mountains are a danger to nobody. Large groups of people, armed and on the move are the potential threats.


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