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  1. Like I said keep giving us the real stuff im sick of hearing about famous people and this fake election I wanna see this because they don't cover events like this unless it's violent and someone got killed. I don't blame them with the pipes because who knows what they will do with the water with pipes, I'll do more research on this to get the story, keep up the good work Richie may the Lord bless you.

  2. Those are barriers for wheeled vehicles, not tanks. This is normal practice for vehicle checkpoints run by the military. The intent is to control the flow of traffic and to protect the personnel conducting the checkpoint. Such barriers would not stop most tanks.

  3. They are NOT DIGGING PIPE LINE ON TRIBAL LAND<< GET IT STRAIGHT,, this is just another hyped up fabrication and incitement of more Racial garbage against 'WHITEY' … National Guard called in for the protection of the PRIVATE land owner, the Pipe line workers,, the Natives, some armed, destruction to property.. So much for Sacred Land when the natives go out to destroy other peoples property and land…. Satanic are the Native, who worship pagan gods and play this political game of demanding money for Oil,, that did not come from their property.. GET it RIGHT,, Some Truth for once,, instead of the inciting garbage of lies…

  4. Joe Biggs at Infowars covered this and found that it's a MONEY GRAB!!! The pipline was rerouted to non American Indian land. These protesters are tresspassing on private land. They were offered 56 Million to use Indian land. They asked for more. Pipeline was rerouted around Indian Land. Now they are acting like thugs and bullies, beating up security guards and DOGS with bats.

  5. Audio Check: listen to your vid bro, you might sound great with your computer speakers sir, the other audio sounds great. With all due respect Richie. Thanks for the info & God bless you!

  6. US citizens this is why we need to arm ourselves, to protect our freedom from a tyrannical government. There is no longer a need for fossil fuels. We have amazing technology that has never seen the light of day. Tech that could literally change the world. But the oligarchs, the establishment system is suppressing it and keeps the world in a state of perpetual war. We need to wake up and not allow this any longer!

  7. I know the National Guard has been–don't know if they still are, can't find any info;; anyway; Maryland, Colorado, Maine, Michigan, and a few more can't recall off the top of my head; thank you so very much for the post; God Bless you and yours

  8. Thy Will (not mine) Be Done. They can make nodes out of as many people they want. But never will they be able to predict our prayers. And never will they know God's Will like we do. We recieve it, constantly. It is the proper use of the Will.


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