This is still going on, whereareprotestors? Where areAmericans? wtf is going on??
RFB old marine Vaughan

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  1. i don't know how these men can do this to their fellow mankind. can they be THIS brainwashed and vaccinated? they all need to look at their superiors and simply say "we're not going to do this". they can't fire or punish every last one if them if their replacements were to do the same thing. we are all brothers and sisters, but apparently they are not aware of that. smh. thx Richie. peace.

  2. i love how they gonna arrest these people who are trying to save their land but last night protesters destroyed a collage campus and the beat women trump supporters and maced them in the face and the police dident do a single thing@!!!

  3. It is hardly a secret, Trump gave the go ahead on it. It was one of the first things he did. He announced it immediately after the inauguration.

  4. The 'officers ' also took an oath to uphold Common Law which is above any federal law. We are all born free under common law free from taxation and fining ,the corporate commercial admiralty law system is there to tax and fine us; the constitution is only there to make sure the corporate system does not go too far.

  5. What do they need all that hardware for unarmed people have we not done enough against the american indian what the hell they have rights just like every one else this seems very out of place with our new Presiident wanting to do the right thing for our country seems like this needs to be looked at from every angle for justice to be done ?


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