Neil, Neil, Neil… You just make it too hard to resist sometimes…

I don’t think there is enough room in the production studio anymore, to put everyone who think the Earth is flat into “space”…



  1. They are now trying to change the whole story of their cosmology…. did you know now according to NASA the moon passed through our atmosphere…. wow I guess that’s how they were able to get a tin can to pass through the Van Allen belts of radiation around the earth. Please note I don’t believe the Van Allen belt is anything more than the Firmament of our Heavenly Father but sticking with their logic they now have to explains…. moon is now in our atmosphere
    New lie and space heads just eat up the lie as if all the lies if measurements, gravity, and force where never a thing. Please open your eyes folks!

  2. but Neil has knowledge of physics and rocket science not engineering or medicine, so he does have that knowledge. He IS Improving peoples lives by progressing possible space travel and discovering how it would word.


    "And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so….Genesis 1 – Revelation 22"

  4. And then there's the Smithsonian. I keep digging and find lies, murder, deception and manipulation. Not a nice bunch that we're dealing with. How many murders are linked to NASA? Must be nearing the Clinton count.

  5. Do you think Neil actually believes what he says? Yeah me either, I mean the man stutters when asked questions? such as how does gravity work? it's my strong opinion he's nothing more than a mouth piece, and a very poor one at that, witch kinda seems weird? but I guess they figure they have society so dumbed down they could have WWE the Rock come out telling us that Aliens come from the planet scooby doo… lol… great video brother.

  6. It says in the bible that the beast ONU will make sigs in the sky there to make fall fire from the sky,,meteorits" ,they areall togeder ONU,Sience the flase profet,like climate change ,millions,billions nonsenses,it also say that if is possibile to deceive even the chosen ones,i think wee allready get deceived,thanks God for flath earth.

  7. Not one single FE'r, definitely including myself, want to just believe this because we think it's cool. I didn't ask for this consternation to be added to my life. But I saw the TRUTH! And once you SEE the truth, you can't un-see it .

  8. Once they give up and everyone knows the earth is flat what then what do we do with these ppl who kept up the deception , but I think it will always be like 911 everyone knows but don't do anything about it

  9. Neil is waaaaaaaaaaaaay to deep in . He has to keep lying … if he ever did step up to the plate & take ownership .. afterwards he couldn't even get a job as a dishwasher at McDonald's .


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