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  1. Thank you Jesus Christ my Lord, for everything you have done in me, my family, my daughter and sons, my brothers and families of my brothers, my marriage, my ministry, my finances, my health, and there’s a thousand reasons to be thankful!!! Keep me on your ways and don’t let me go neither to the right or to the left! I need to be full of your Holy Spirit every time! Love you Jesus Christ my Lord….

  2. ..Thank you LORD for all the graces, aches & pains of life, everything that ive'd been through but came out victorious by GOD's mercy & love❤. It made me a stronger person to weather out whatever comes. You:ve been my SAVIOUR PROTECTOR & GUIDING LIGHT in my life. I offer my life to you. Thank you PRAISE YOU LORD🙏

  3. Everyone reading this God bless you! God loves you remember that. Don't let ANYONE tell you different that's the enemy. You are all his children and loved and if no one told you today you are LOVED, you are IMPORTANT, you are NEEDED, you are SPECIAL have a blessed day full of light love and peace ✌ ❤


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