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I’m not a rapper, I’m an artist
God strive with tha pen
Painting pictures with my words
Whats funny is they counted me out
inside a cave, appeared as Daniel
they thought i died
still an animal alive in the den
dining now I’m shining
My God, lets talk about the timing
pressure from my pops above helped produce a diamond
I aint mine it no not at all
told the devil to his face
it’s bad that you got involved
better cause I’m treading on the head of serpents
now Whats a demon when you know the power in you working
divinity in the vicinity of my circumference
bombard the gates of hell and ask if they really want it
Y’all must not have heard about the rider thats inside me
upon a white horse, won’t take 3 times
say the name, any and everything evil thats around best believe they gotta flee
I know He proud of me
So I give it back, living that life it’s sacrificial
let go of my self, living proof of what that will get you
Nothing but the glory of men gimme the Glory of God
Looking back at my life, yeah i know my story is Odd
mental hospitals, losing my mind
in a place so dark even with the light, you wouldn’t find
They said I was on this, they said I was on that
Was it coke, little meth, bet that boy was on crack
was he in the battle league bet the boy was on smack
wasn’t on a single thing, God put me on track
Wasn’t from the help of a pill,
gave me sight I saw myself in His will
a destiny ahead of me
yet to fulfill reckon I kill
any accusation from the enemy up out our mouth that got you hating
y’all talked about me like an occupation, fill out a W-2
I’m with the King now, guess I get the W too


And we aint taking no losses
Yeah we in the Kingdom
Carrying the Cross
ready for whatever tell em whatever the cost is
Brought us from the dirt, and he made us into bosses
Now what a loss is?

NEW Christian Rap 2016 – No Losses – Sean Dee [LYRICS BELOW](@itsseandee @ChristianRapz)




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