Big Sam present the Spanish version of “Trust in You“. We pray that it blesses you. To God be all the glory.
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Christian Rap | Big Sam Arce – En Ti Yo Confiaré (Big Sam – Trust In You “Spanish Version”)
Christian Rap | Big Sam Arce – En Ti Yo Confiaré (Big Sam – Trust In You “Spanish Version”)



  1. Damn big sam I like your gospel rap you're writing is on the grind with the overtime no jive complex music hard to write being real with your music right on time in these last days it's too bad you don't have any more music I like how you put the words together I can tell when you wrote this the feeling came all of something to write this I hope I can hear more music from you

  2. Truth isn't found in religion. Truth is found in the Living, Proven, Powerful Word of The Most High God. The Creator of Heaven and Earth. What made me first beleive in God? A real life encounter and experience with Him. I witnessed Him supernaturally perform humanly impossible things when I prayed. I was healed of demonic torment in one prayer. My mind was set free and I was no longer being tormented. You're not supposed to live your whole life wondering if God exists… You're supposed to KNOW. And there are actual ways you can tap into the pressence and fellowship of God to witness supernaturally how powerful He is. It takes a sincere heart and a desperate spirit to approach God. You must receive Salvation. Not only is it the thing you must do to experience anything from God, receiving and not receiving is quite literally the difference between life and death. Judgement is assured for the unrepentant. Those who rejected that loving call from Christ. They will be thrown into the lake of fire for an eternity of suffering, torment and pain that is incomprendable to the human brain. If you want to know how to be assured you'll be saved of the dreadful things that are about to come upon the earth and an eternity of seperation from God, please message me. Tomorrow isn't promised for any man.


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