Here is the artist Dayvito music video called Jesus Freak Christian rap or christian hip hop at its finest. This song also features the artist Rashaad King. Make sure to visit dayvito for more music and videos at

Directed/Edited and filmed by Kre8tor for

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Christian Rap 2016 – Dayvito “Jesus Freak” music video (@iamdayvito @ChristianRapz)
Christian Rap 2016 – Dayvito “Jesus Freak” music video (@iamdayvito @ChristianRapz)



  1. Dont take my meds might die how did i get this way better pray the devils out on the prile wwgd im not him im from him n a different way he s kept his son out the way i could write a book with out MSCRH i probably wouldnt b here she wanted me here doe the only1MSLSR had just likeMSKLBD only 1 her mom had our teacher got us 2getter who ever no we make a fam an b 2getter as long as we were wow nothing but god she love2help her fam 1 n a million ripMRSKLBD neva thought i miss u so much please talk 2god an the angles in the sky i no u a talker when i leave im coming up with yall hell on earth

  2. God is real, but religions confuse the shit out of it, you got god inside you and you know the answer if you ask for it. and you will find the path if you pray and are in service to god (or existence) because we all know what is right and wrong.
    The problem with religions is that it destroys unity because you claim to be right, and all other religions are wrong. I say they are all partially right. Thing is.. we don't need a book to find god, i mean.. which book did Jesus use? which book did Mohammed use? they found it in their hearts like we all can. And i hope we all will. OneLove

  3. For y'all "Jesus Freaks" like myself, it's past time to get on our grind full time fr.
    Kingdom workers know that the harvest is plentiful. Please share our faith everywhere we go so others can see that we are proud of our King, our God and our Father !
    Notice in the Word of God that Jesus call us His brother. Now that is so awesome ! Everything that Jesus has we have, everything Jesus did we can do ! Why ? Because we're egual with Him as brothers and Sons of the Almighty God !! It's time we begin to believe and understand just who we are in Christ fr !!
    Recognize your call, recognize your ability after being born again and fill with the Holy Ghost !
    My friends if you have never received the baptism of the Holy Spirit you must pray asking God to fill you with His Holy Spirit and your life will be transformed with such power that you will live according to the will of God and you will not want anything else. You will seek to please God everyday with a power unknown to natural man !!
    Lord Father God, please God fill me with your Holy Spirit right now please God so thar I can live empowered by your might ! Please fill me Lord God in Jesus name.


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