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Christian Rap – Dillon Loving – “spitting some truth” (@ChristianRapz)
Christian Rap – Dillon Loving – “spitting some truth” (@ChristianRapz)



  1. 4 years ago. my dad got arrested for 1st degree murder, assault & aggravted assault, it was my hardest time in my life, i was 11 years old. i would cry myself to sleep every night for 6 months, my aunt sent me this song it helped me so much, and i appreciate you posting this. it really helped me so much and helped me through the hardest part in my life. and i appreciate it.

  2. Hopefully I will share this video in next week Sunday school class for big kids. They will be learning how to worship God. Worship can take many different forms, this is incredible example. Thank you Dillon and God bless.

  3. Nice one brother Jesus is amazing he is the king. Jesus removed my anxiety last week after prayer and fasting, it was crippling me for years and now I am free and at peace. I adore you Jesus

  4. Dillon, loving your work! Its Dope and its REAL! Please keep sharing your gifts from God! "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death".
    Rev 12:11

  5. The Lord is the Boss we are His warriors servants we are here trying to please Him trying to imitate the Lord Jesus Christ and serving the kingdom of heaven and not the world here to help the lost and help those need healing God Bless Dillon and your family

  6. God bless you you're in my heart and prayers always keep running text a I had of them I had to search to find you yay I'm running to I am Grandma Cheryl praying for you and your wonderful little family can you put a picture of them up if not that's okay there in my memory God bless you and stay plugged into him only do not listen to man or woman only to let the holy spirit is showing you hey did you ever finish your artwork with Jesus on the cross in your daughter was trying to help you paint that ate some of the paint I got to see that and then I lost they burn up three of my phones in less than 2 weeks it's an adventure and we serve a faithful God exciting Adventure put on the full armor of God all glory be to God in heaven amen amen amen

  7. New us the whole truth and nothing but the truth or nice on your song you couldn't send it any better if you could have said it any better what you said about God is all three I love that song it's my mother just passed the other day and I listen to this song it's been helping me through and thank you for letting me listen to your music thank you very much


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