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NEW Christian Rap – Sevin – “Pray For Me” (“Ghetto Gospel” on iTunes)(@sevinhogmob @ChristianRapz)
NEW Christian Rap – Sevin – “Pray For Me” (“Ghetto Gospel” on iTunes)(@sevinhogmob @ChristianRapz)



  1. Brah, don’t use the word nigga if your truly about god. Keep it classy so he can bless your music, your not in the streets anymore your tryna build something for the youth. Don’t ruin it bro.

  2. So what if he dropped tha N bomb. He still from tha hood & ain't changing that. But did yall hear tha rest of what he said?? Tha fact that what his message is, is so powerful but yall didn't hear nothin but tha N word…listen again

  3. This is a very powerful song BUT watch how many of our OWN believers focus on the NIGGA/ I mean N word lolol for my sensitive judgemental Christian's, how about for the first time in our lives focus on the song and don't ruin the message OR the testimony! How about for once we let God's light shine and we tried not to persecute our own brethren like we did Jesus, maybe his calling is different than yours so let God move and we encourage I keep our negative comments to ourselves, let's try to uplift so when unbelievers are reading the comments they don't see a bunch of Christians persecuting their own family……

  4. Marques Adams that's all anybody can do is pray for u and the streets. Your songs seem like there going back to the beginning don't know what your going thru. But the Word of God says don't grow weary in doing well. You been thru alot and God has brought you thru it all. Don't let the enemy lie to you it's not worth it. A soldier for Christ will always be a soldier for Christ but we all got to go through something to get our CROWN. DONT LET NO ONE OR ANYTHING OR THAT LIEING DEVIL TAKE YOUR CROWN NOT IN THESE DAYS. ITS WORSER THEN SODOM AND GAMMORAH. LISEN TO UR SONGS AND IR WORD IN ALOT OF THEM UR SPEAKING TO US AND DIRECTLY TO U. NOWS NOT THE TIME TO GIVE UP. ON JESUS NAME. YESHUA💜 YAHWEH LOVE

  5. To those that have something negative to say, y'all ain't God. God looks at the heart. You have to understand his background where he's been and what God brought him through He's never claimed to be perfect but his songs are 100% real. Talking down on somebody won't get you closer to God pray for him and pray for yourself. #heartcheck bless up brother


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