Raymond loves his Fiancee and they are about to get married….when his long lost twin brother (Richard) who abandoned the family came back in an attempt to steal his life. Starring UCHE MONTANA, CHRISTIAN OCHIAGA, VICTORIA EGBUCHERE



  1. Glad to see uche play a part with no wig on.

    Very rear scenes and am sure it was a hard decision to make .

    D's woman wants caliber always on point in articulation of words.

    Keep on Montana,we love n always behind you till death do us part.

    U have done us Good and my sticking began with VIP ladies.


  2. There's no sins that are unforgivable no not one. We all have sins nobody is perfect he who has no sins cast the first stone 🪨 that's what Jesus told the crowd that gather together to stone the lady just because she was involved with married Men


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