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(Introduction- Sis. Jharna Bara is a blessed worshiper of God. She is a singer, song writer and composer from Jharkhand. She is also doing ministry through the Songs. God really using her for his kingdom.People are receiving His blessings through her Songs.)


(English Transhlation- You gave a beautiful life, filled you with your glory.Loved me and taught to love. I was the one out of hundred sheep’s may have been lost in the illusion of the world.Made me your daughter to search.
Ash rested like a prodigal son, was lying in the greed of the world.Huged me to search.)

Sundar jeevan dele toye
Apan mahima se bhair dele – 2
Pyaar karle, pyaar karek sikhale – 2
Sundar jeevan dele toye
Apan mahima se bhair dele – 2

Sao bhedi me se, ego bhedi to,
Moye rahlo
Duniya kar Maya me heral raho – 2
Khoij lanle, apan beti banale – 2

Udao Putar lekhe, esh aram to,
Moye karlo
Duniya kar lalach me bajhal raho – 2
Khoij lanle, gale se lagale
khoij lanle moke gale se lagale

Lyrics – Sweety Vidya
Featuring- Sweety Vidya & Jharna Bara
Composer – Sweety Vidya
Choreography- Sweety Vidya
Music- Chotanagpur Studio Ranchi (Jharkhand)
Keyboardist- Mahadev Nayak
Mixing & Mastering -Sunil Kachhap
(Sunil Kachhap- 9304915369)
D.O.P- Sunny Mandal
Producer- Sweety Vidya OFFICIAL

(Special thanks to sis. @jharnabara203 )
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