My #Stryper lbum #EvenTheDevilBelieves arrived today right after I had a chance to interview Stryper vocalist/guitarist Michael Sweet.

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  1. Great video and interview! I ordered the red colored vinyl and CD from Bandwear. I checked the mail box 3 times today and nothing came. I'm PAIENTLY waiting. On a positive note, Bandwear sent me the song files Wednesday of the whole abum so I will be enjoying those when I get a chance to download them. Someone uploaded all the songs to Youtube and I listened to the songs I haven't heard before Wednesday night except for This I pray. This album is on par or better then the previous 3. Ranking the last 4 albums is hard where they are all great. I also have 3 Saint vinyls on order and a massive Girder order coming. Hopefully they will be coming next week. Things take longer to get here in Canada. It's funny where you said you are watching the mail where I'm doing the same thing waiting for my ackages to arrive. I'm thinking of having special guests on my channel like fellow fans and artists. I've spoken to a couple of artists before and they are open to it. Talk to you later my friend.


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