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  1. another great job, but they always let secrets out , before they "Die". but that's planned and then they move on, to a new role. They are role players just like Princess Diana Was played by David Finnish (Elton John's Husband). they switch to different roles.

  2. RFB read verse 39 in Acts 8; you are incorrect in saying we do not need baptism. The eunuch asked what was required to make a covenant through baptism following the example set by Christ Himself. Baptism by immersion is what Christ taught and did to full fill all righteousness and ALL of his followers were baptized. Belief is just the beginning.

  3. Long-haired dude how do you know we had long hair? Anyway I guess it would be OK but sounds a bit disrespectful man. It's more than just believing what you're feeling to tell people if they need to repent of their sins nowhere does it say that you just when I asked Peter in the book of acts what must we do to be safe he said repaired we baptize you receive the gift of the Holy Ghost which believe me is rely upon it here to obey believe this just made the Devils believe, The Devils believe in God but they're not save so it's more than just having to send that there's a God and Jesus you got it repent and believe that he died for you that's what you get

  4. Excellent video! Everything you said is the truth. It's sad to think about how so many people are offended by truth, yet literally don't mind being lied to. It takes guts to be honest with people & not be worried about what they may think- Lukewarm Christians are careful not to offend & worry more about others opinions of them than the one we all will have to answer to… God Bless:)

  5. Savin ur soul!
    There is "2" jurisdictions,your choice But right now you are automatically joined thru registry of B.C slave bonded in there dead legal demonic war machine jurisdiction our opt out in the living love neutral peace jurisdiction. When you research this info you do have a choice and it matters to all of us which one you now choose. much love!

    Proof that it is illegal to use the legal name as it is copyright owned by the crown. You are in dishonour to use the legal name. Just ask to receive the actual birth certificate not a copy but the real certificate from vital statistics. Call them for this proof and ask them to give you written authority from the legal attorney to use the legal name. Cheers
    All roads lead to rome. Vatican house of satan who claim dominion over the earth. Geez!

  6. I have had several spiritual experiences with God. Perhaps someday I will share them with you. I know you will be blown away because when I reflect on them, I'm still blown away!!

  7. There u go brudda! Look at all the positive comments. The Word of God will never come back void. I know I'm not your dad or your baseball coach so it might sound weird when I say this but I'm proud of you. And I know that YHWH The Most High God is to. I can tell that you have been wrestling with the Holy Spirit just to make a video like this. It reminds me if Jonah running from God when he told him to go to Nineveh and tell them to repent or be destroyed. Praise God you chose loving man's soul more than choosing man's approval. Peace bro

  8. Mind if I Like & Share your truth brother? I appreciate running across real men. They are getting harder to find these days. Nice to have crossed your path brother RFB. Jesus the Christ of Nazareth is why I started my You Tube channel. Probably been wasting too damn much time chasing spooks and goblins instead of getting nearer and tighter with my Father in heaven through Christ Jesus. Thanks for the wake up call my friend. Psalms 91 protection over you and those you love. Peace.

  9. WONDERFUL VID BROTHER!!😊 I consider you a closer friend than the zombies in my LIFE! I love all my brothers and sisters on here that know time is short,share the LOVE,peace and love everyone!πŸ’“All we can do,is follow his footsteps.πŸ‘£

  10. Richie, my friend. You continue to impress me more and more. I didn't realize that verse had been taken out of many Bible translations! I checked Bible Hub real quick and sure enough, I checked KJV… it was in there. Then I checked a few others, and it wasn't there. That's amazing to me.

  11. If you don't know Jesus is the truth than you don't know what your truth is all about. He isn't represented in most churches it was infiltrated long ago.Jesus is the truth ! Good video Richie,time is short and there is nothing that matters more and no deeper truth!

  12. You know what, Richie, I am so with you. I'm so done with the trashing of Christ. What you said: if the guy's not real, why is there such a campaign to demonize him? Of course he's real, and I think they're absolutely terrified of him, but mention him in ANY public forum and you absolutely WILL get a frickin' tome back with sources and footnotes so thick and dense and long trying to hammer into you that "there is no proof that Jesus ever existed". And I'm personally just done with it. I just found your channel tonight. I like your work, I think you're incredibly smart and insightful, I think you know what truth is, and I like that you have balls. Keep it up, man. Very appreciated.

  13. I have noted recently a TV induced hypnotic like trance… I believe there are subliminals involved… seem to create a mindset… so happy that you brought up subject… I have asked others… no one knows what I am referring to…. not age related… I think what they have in common is they are 'order followers'.

  14. Thanks brother for putting the most important truth of all out there. I would do the same if I had this platform. We have nothing to lose by doing this, but others have everything to gain. I pray that as many can be reached as possible through all of us who know this to be the ultimate truth. It's so blatantly obvious now. It was Jesus through the Holy Spirit that woke me up. The battle for our souls is the end game no matter what else happens to us physically. It's not religion, it's the truth.

  15. Richie you have been my greatest find on You Tube, you have grown by leaps and bounds. Keep the faith I guess it is easy for us the believers. When I see any of the people you reference as a well as any Politician I view them as the dog shit that gets stuck in the grooves of the bottom my shoes. We all have to stick together and I do believe good will prevail over evil. My new Motto brother " Yes I am an asshole"

  16. Oh man , use a rope already if you think we wont be here for a long time . Were gonna be here till the time peace reign supreme. A believer is some one who choose to depart from the state of being. Etymology/Root (beLIEve) BE_LIEVE : BE=To be Leave(Phonics)=To depart. I'am fking angry at you for choosing to depart from yourself. In the now is where we are , In the future is where i project to be. Screw the devil and screw god, its all in the sick mind of man. Who em i to believe in some one i will surely meet when i pass over ? I have none(right) to pretend i know the creator.

    Change wont happen on the web. Insects stock on the grip of a spider is where you seem to be. There is only righteousness and wrongness. Its only 2% of the wrongness in position of power. They are so tiny its laughable. Inbreeding for 1000's of year create some sick mother f***ers.

    Sorry but i cant stand negativism, the bible is telling to wait for a man in the cloud ..? What the f*** , we are all the man in the cloud…

  17. Jesus or Christ was never a name, ever time you pray to that you are praying to a tulpa or entity. There is no proven connection between Torah and the new testament. If you believe in anything its a belief not knowledge, start going out of body learn the truth first hand, richie you got some good videos otherwise

  18. oh wow how blant can u get they are telling u who they worship and people just keep on like they hear nothing JESUS IS THE WAY AND THE LIGHT NO OTHER YOU ALL BETTER WAKE THE F UP

  19. Your ex military right…you were trained by our government to kill people for "war" how many have you killed? how many innocent were sacrificed for the bigger picture? What happenend to Thou shall not kill…? How can I trust you? I hope you have answers from the bible to explain this to me.

  20. Knocking it out of the park again believing in Jesus is the easy part. Believing in all the complete horseshit that the media is shoveling is hard. Things are moving real fast faster than anyone person knows but I do know like all run away vehicles they crash hard. Every TV show is pushing gun control every channel is pushing control of you. What all forget is Jesus came as the lamb of God a sacrifice for all your sins make no mistake when Jesus comes again the will be no lamb there will be judgment…Get right with yourself and make it sooner than later.

  21. Right on Richie.Β  I used to be atheist and mocked people who believed.Β  It wasn't until I became convinced the Devil had to be real that I knew god had to be real.Β  Can't have one without the other.


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