Canary Cry News Talk episode 319: NEWSOM CIRCUS NEWSPEAK: Cyborgs, NFTs, Biden Jab Ads, Mind Control Mattress – 04.02.2021 Watch Live TWITCH, YOUTUBE 1, YOUTUBE 2, DLIVE Listen: RSS, Spotify, Apple Sign Up to the EMAIL LIST! Look for us on Breez App and send up Satoshi’s using Podcasting 2.0 Features! FLIPPY -Robot arm that senses hidden objects CYBORG -”Cyborg” says he is happy (Other’s criticize the news segment) -Augmented Reality goggles headed to 120k soldiers 33 -$30.1 mil to 33 trucking safety projects -Roy Williams retires after 33 years -CCNT episode 318 on YouTube is 3:33:09 WACCINE -Court Orders Belgium to end lockdown, insufficient legal standing -J&J batch ruined at Baltimore factory (NPR) -Pfizer says jab will last at least 6 months! -Biden announces jab ad campaign POLYTICK -Newsom on Orange County mass shooting event -Newsom Recall Circus in California -5000 Christians condemn Marjorie Taylor Greene (Newsweek) -Kimmel piles on MTG, jokes MOTB is Zuckerberg BECOME A PRODUCER JOIN THE CANARY CRY ROUNDTABLE OF KNIGHTS AND DAMES BEAST SYSTEM -Croatian athlete to sell NFT of a piece of her right arm -Mind Control new age mattress company -Microsoft invest $1 billion to Israel WITCHCRAFT -Practicing Witchcraft lead to arson arrest PRODUCERS FOR ep.319 Shield Labs Julie S Grace Eduardo D Ciara F Jeremy F Anonymous (Crypto) Jade Bouncerson (Timestamps) Tim T (Art) Allie (Art) Jack V (Art) OUR OWN SOCIAL MEDIA: CanaryCry.Community PAYPAL PATREON CCNT PATREON CCR CRYPTOCURRENCY



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