Nick Kyrgios speaks to the media after an unmissable third round encounter with Stefanos Tsitsipas at The Championships.

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  1. So when Tsitipas loses him mind and almost hits his coach TWICE(during a Davis Cup Match against Kyrios no-less) with a raquet then it's ok? Hate to be on Nick's side but let's be REAL,.Tsitsipas also said some shyte to Medvedev AFTER the handshake after losing being a set up and Medvedev asked him if he wanted to fight and Tsitsipas acted like he didn't say anything,.Dude is just a sore loser and NOT as talented as he wishes he was

  2. This man is a coward. His tactics are clearly meant to intimate umpires to ensure they think twice before giving a 50/50 call against him. And they are meant to perpetually distract his opponent. In addition, to those who ARE NOT twisted and perverted, it ruins the game of TENNIS that we’re supposed to be enjoying. This isn’t the Osborne’s, it’s a professional tennis match. I had employee like this man once who fought with everyone and then acted perplexed when I had to repeatedly confront him on his unusual aggression and anger issues. Self deception, however sincere, about his own appalling and intentionally intimating behaviour, is no excuse. I wish someone would meet this fool in his folly.

  3. Kirgyos should just stop talking in the court and have some empathy towards the whole world actually ☺️ he has some serious issues he had to work on. And I yes , he is asking for attention somehow and that’s something he need to check out. Tennis is a gentleman sport. It has always been. But Nick is not playing his part.

  4. cant stand this guy, no introspective, when hes losing everything and everyone is against him, but when hes winning somehow everything is ok >.< stop giving him attention

  5. Stephanos tsitsipas is not well-liked by other players. Andy Murray was annoyed with him taking longer bathroom break. He is the one who shows unsportsman like conduct on the court. If he did that to roger Federer, it would be a different narrative. He would be the bad guy. It all depends on who he plays.


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