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Nicky Gracious – "Stand Up" [Top Christian Rap Songs 2021]


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  1. This hit hard toks. If your down Jesus always, if theres demons around you Jesus always, his the way truth and life made. Turn to the light guys either you "gonna change or stand the same?" – This hit hard man. Jesus loves you pray for haters and fake friends, GOD BLESS! Once you repent never turn back to ur sins man.

  2. In the name of father the son Jesus and the holy spirit in us our helper and our coner stone that can't be shaken by man or the devil and his demons.time for the marriage of the holy spirit and us his temple.7 years we will be back with Jesus in all the army of the destroy all evil for 1000 years.into lake of 🔥.God bless you Ricky.aba loves you and I am grateful for your words of wisdom.we are the last generation of this world.nothing is impossible for our living God 👑 Emanuel.zion.he is in control of time and you big brother.stay focus on your prize in heaven.. Where theifs can't steal or destroy.amen

  3. We are in the last supper on earth.we are the last hour of the fall Babylon.jesus is the only truth and way.7 years of anti Christ one world order religion.2024.2030 we are going be rapture in a blink of an ready like if a theif in the night could come anytime.but.forgive like we was forgiving by God….faith love is needed prayer repent daily

  4. Yoooo!! Please don’t ever stop making music! You inspire me and give me strength to say no to the devil and evil. You give me the inspiration and straight to keep going and doing things for God even if I don’t want to at all. Thank God for giving me strength through you’re music! I prayed for this!

  5. Thank you Nicky Gracious!!! I listening to this song again just now and i just hope the tears that pour down my face didnt fall in vain and GOD takes them as prayers for whoever needs them, in Jesus Holy Name, I pray, Amen.

  6. Bruh I am you and the devil is trying to break me but God made me strong and I ain't going to fall I stand up and see what God has for me I love your music keep going you helping more than you can imagine brother 👊🤠😇😇😇😇😇

  7. I want you to know that I asked a stranger which artist they'd suggest to me first and they sent me to this song specifically.
    I've heard some wild shit as a result of this question but that's why I asked and I'm glad in this case that I did.


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