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  1. Murs ruined this by having to include that Islamic BS. This is a song about our Lord & Savior… it's not necessary to bring up muslims or give equal time to an antichrist religion like islam.

    They're not our "brethren in the faith" and them not having depictions of the fraud muhammad has nothing to do with Jesus Christ. They dont have photos of him because they're batshit crazy and if you accidentally make him look like the pedophile he was somebody will lop your head off.

    I hate when people feel it necessary to shout out some other religion or mention something like islam when talking about Jesus/ Christianity, like we owe equal time to "other" religions. Somebody like Murs shouldn't even be in a song like this. If you think Jesus is just another prophet or that Christianity is just one out of many different paths to God then you're not a Christian and you dont know who Jesus Christ is.

  2. It’s a balance the scriptures tell us that he is black but at the same time it can be a distraction to others their ego get boosted up they become full of pride but loose focus on his words and everything that he taught us

  3. The koran does not recognize Jesus as the Son who died for our sins. This music too is misleading. Do not fall prey to the deception that Islam and Christianity are one and the same. They are not. Murs you are still leading people to destruction. I pray for you brother


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