Celebrating his sixth single release and fourth music video, Jermaine is proud to present the title track from his new album, NOMAD. ‘Nomad’ is a song of unchanging hope. Understanding that we are just a vapor and that when we finally arrive to our destination in heaven, Christ has prepared a mansion in glory for us that we can live in forevermore with him.

From the earthly prospective, there’s been so much change in our lives, we have been flustered with the pace of seasons. We are looking for a constant and we can find that in God and in the blessed assurance of Heaven as our forever home.

NOMAD is now available on iTunes, Amazon Music, and cdbaby. It is also available on streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music. Just search “Jermaine Bollinger Nomad” in the search bar and enjoy! Make sure to check out our other music videos from NOMAD and subscribe to our YouTube Channel!




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