Last Sunday Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the only Liberal riding in Calgary for a photo-op. 

Shortly after his visit, headlines appeared all across the media that Trudeau was mobbed by admirers at the stampede, whereas it was only a dozen liberals at a public library parking lot.

The Stampede is an annual celebration of western lifestyle, the biggest outdoor event on earth, and it takes place here in Calgary, Alberta. The event attracts approximately a million visitors, and a lot of media attention.

A perfect opportunity for politicians from all corners, including Justin Trudeau, to be seen as one with the westerners, and have a piece of the media pancake.

Justin Trudeau, who forces his environmentalism onto others, who implemented the ever-increasing carbon tax, flew thousands of kilometers in a private jet all the way from Toronto, at the expense of the taxpayer, and the environment, just for a few hours flipping pancakes for a photo-op and attending his Liberal Party’s fundraising event.

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