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  1. "Some days it's all I can do not to go mad"
    Doing better than me I go mad every other day.
    I hate the corruption and destruction of Truth man.
    Nothing else can get under my skin like that.
    And battling a target that comes at you from all sides, all day, every day.. It can be exhausting

  2. i apologize for my remarks previously about the useful idiot joerogan. sorry for my profanity as this is one of my favorite channels anywhere. i have removed it and thanks for all your kind words

    It's not ' The knowledge of God is the beginning of wisdom' It's, ' The fear of God YHWH is the beginning of wisdom'. Don't go mad, music too trippy I think. I was [ And still am, it's so beautiful ] singing ' Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel, and ransom captive Israel' for the Feast of Tabernacles, His REAL birthday, proved by Gospel of Matthew [ Course of Abiya].Check out Joshua aaron singing it at Tower of David in Jerusalem for Feast of Tabernacles. Hope to start a movement for people to sing carols at Feast of Tabernacles instead of Pagan winter solstice. The carols belong to Him, He should be able to enjoy them on His real birthday! Shalom to us only in Christ Yeshua.

  4. I watched your video about atomism. Are you saying that the atomic realm is real but we aren't supposed to access it, and that's why the demonic entities gave us the knowledge to access it, or are you saying that it's just another deception and there is no atomic realm? I know the quantum thing is totally bogus, but what about atoms?

  5. L-ucy in the S-ky with D-aimonds hiding their "The Beatles" hidden meaning of an LSD trip. LSD synthetic hallucinagen administered by the U.S. to bring down the post war strength of American's to silly drugged rock and roll mind controlled masses. J. Rogan is a puppet… NASA? lol, he is continually giving way to his pseudo- science and altered dumbed down psychology…. Great start to this video. He just literally makes all christians cringe with his false narrative and placing marijuana as the bad child… but he was talking about LSD and so were the Beatles, and not a joint. He wanted to say take LSD…that is what that mental midget wanted to do…. pathetic.

  6. The "fear of God"? That is contrary to what Christ said: "fear not".
    There are two spirits: the spirit of Love and the spirit of fear.
    These two are mutually exclusive, and there is no fear in Love.

    Love is the fulfilment of the law, not fear.
    So test the spirits and reject the spirit of fear and those
    verses which speak of fear being a good thing.

    The Logos is logical, and fear and love cannot coexist,
    as it would be a kingdom divided against itself.

    When are we going to discern the truth?

  7. Seems to me those planetarium experience could be used to perform a mass social experiment with hypnosis. Those patterns of circles being projected on screen to individuals with eyes pinned open, has something to do with mk ultra programing, I know that's pretty vague but that's all I have for now, can't remember where I read it.

  8. JR a traitor to humanity indeed. Saw his spiritual character last night watching a movie on Netflix called "Bad Batch" much symbolism, not hard to figure out which one was Joe. Wonder if Joe encourages his own children and loved ones to follow these practice…….or only other peoples children….definitely a bad batch

  9. Joe Rogan is a drug pusher since he is telling me to smoke a 'joint'. He is a roll modle to millions, and he is pushing a subseptial drun onto young people…. Isn't thete laws against that or something?

  10. Lsd is not crazy dangerous. You may experience demons but most people can handle it. I used to smash that shit every weekend nearly for 3 years. And i dont regret it . I must admit it though it can be very demonic if it isnt always . Its there for people who want to try it and it isnt forced upon anyone though as it should stay though it shouldnt be illegal. We are responsible for our own minds, bodies and souls.

  11. george Rousse ( a one perspective artist) cosmopolitan las vegas march 2016 (rousse = red hair) they sired the Nephilim July 27 2016 in Las Vegas. Aaron Rouse FBI Las vegas july 28 2016 . they rused me destroyed me . I Am maligned and misunderstood. the red hair giant destroying man kind dean heller donald trump prokospios ziros richard holley july 2017 oct 2 2017 original court date richard holley paid patsy deep fake court photos

  12. Lucy = Lucifer (former name of satan, pre-fall)
    Diamond – material of which the Firmament/sky is made.
    And of course it is clear why Lucy is in the sky — because he lives in the Second Heaven. For the time being…

    The “falling stars”, the “asteroids, comets, meteors…” = fallen angels of satan and God’s angels of light flying back and forth fulfilling dark and light tasks, respectively.
    And sometimes fighting amongst each other.

    May God give all His true children eyes to see and wisdom to discern EVERYTHING!

  13. Rogan's NASA jacket lol! Never saw that clip before. I used to like Joe before he sold out. I keep seeing space channels claim the lander was found intact but offer no evidence. They just say an orbiter spotted it. Not sure why we don't just call it. There are plenty of land lines around lol.

  14. Re: your comment on NASA- A person watching a screen of a person watching a screen. Which in reality, is a projection of another screen of an image created by yet another person. One of the saddest realizations about the world we live in is that we willingly gave our consent to become a nation of voyeurism (in various forms) a long time ago- starting in the Garden with the desire to have our "eyes opened." It's no wonder we're confused about our observations of "reality" and how or if such is in accordance to God's Word- i.e. our spiritual eyes/ senses. As a child I always wondered how Satan would achieve omnipresence. Now we know…

  15. Thank You! I have been overwhelmed with the knowledge of the great deception. At times it is too much to deal with. I feel so alone at times and just want to act as if it never happened. But where can I go.. There is no cave deep enough. Where can I flee to escape He that created me? It was His will to reveal the truth to me… Your dedication is appreciated. Bless you Brother! May He make His light to shine upon you. May He watch your comings and goings now and forever more.

  16. please make a video about how everyone saw sputnik in 1957 that was only( 58 cm) wide , and now we cant see the 13,000 satellites supposedly overhead except the" ISS"…….I think we've been looking at the same singular dot in the sky with different names.

  17. @ 11:01 as a flat earther for the last 4 years, ive thought about this meteor/asteroid situation from a domed, enclosed cosmology perspective and i dont believe these are pieces of the firmament, i dont believe our God would design a canopy that would gradually crumble (libyan deset glass) or be affected in any way by the satanic exploits of operation fishbowl from the early 1960s etc etc . God created the raqia firm and saw that it was good and knew that man would be attempting to break His dome. i think theres something far more mundane at work. firstly, these alleged ‘meteor’ craters we are shown from across the world are ALWAYS circular and indented in shape, and give the appearance of the earth being impacted by something falling VERTICALLY from the air. so why do we NEVER see a vertically falling asteroid or meteor? and if meteors do perform like they do on these videos, then why do we NEVER see an asteroid impact that has carved some massive trough across some field before coming to rest? and when these ‘aster-eteors’ do strike earth, why is there NEVER anything of the body of the meteor left on site? and why do the government officials and experts ALWAYS get there first and cordon off the area? as was the case with that highly publicised 2015 russian dash cam footage meteor? ALL of our celebrated ‘video metor sightings’ ALWAYS show a fiery ball travelling almost horizontally across the sky. and so, thinking about this, at that trajectory, and given the height of the Heavens, for how many thousands of miles would that meteor have had to have travelled ACROSS the sky before hitting earth? and for how many thousands of miles would this ‘ fiery ball’ had to have travelled, and not be seen until the last few hundred feet from the ground? we only ever get video of the last 5 – 10 seconds or so of the ‘fiery ball’ before impact? i call bs on the whole meteor and asteroid phenomenon. its not a phenomenon, its a program. these are crisis actor meteors, fake asteroid debris. i say they are human-fired missiles of some sort. 50% of russians dont believe the 2015 dashcam ‘meteor’ was a meteor, they believe it was a missile of some sort) and i also say we’ll see more and more of these so-caled asteroids and meteors, and that the sole purpose behind these meteor sightings and events is to make us sheeple clamour for safety and protection from the threat of an asteroid impact. funny isnt it, all these meteors coming at us so thick and fast (pass me the sick bucket), and at roughly the same time, a NINE BILLION DOLLAR nasa asteroid protection program is announced. because of all these threats from asteroid impact, serpent queen nasa has been beavering away on behalf of the populations of the world to design an outer space defence system that will deflect these huge asteroids away from earth SAVING MILLIONS OF LIVES. ‘thank you queen nasa thank you!, PLEEEZE continue with your magnificent work and save us from all of these terrifying outer space threats that i keep reading about in my google news feeds!’ and dutifully, we accept that serpent queen nasa is looking out for us all.

  18. Freemason, Illuminati, secret societies, or whatever kingdoms mankind has brought/influenced into the minds of people…Is just so called wisdom that won't ever change the heart or gain one eternal life…period

    Watched a documentary called "Illuminated" and all I have to say is, let God be true and every man a liar…Jesus Christ reigns as Lord who came in the flesh, died in the flesh, and was raised IN the flesh…Amen

    "For many deceivers have gone out into the world, refusing to confess the coming of Jesus Christ in the flesh. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist."-2 John1 7

    "By this you will know the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming, and is already in the world at this time."- 1 John 4 2-3

  19. Hi Will. Eventually we need to stop paying any attention to all these spiritual distractions and focus wholly on Jesus Christ. It messes with your spirit and your walk with God. It chips your armour and diverts your attention. It's too close to the end to mess about. ……

  20. I Just want to say, God Bless you man. Your videos are helping a lot of people. keep running and finish the race! I am praying for all my brothers and sisters in Christ. God bless you all! let us always be the light of the world even as it falls away from Christ. Amen.

  21. Seeing all this New Age bull makes me disappointed. I’m a massage therapist, and also being a Christian, I feel like I’m always drowning in the crap being surrounded by coworkers that are for it. It’s tiring, but I know I gotta stick with God. They’re blind to the truth that Reiki, energy healing, etc. is utter lies from Satan.

  22. Diamonds in the sky, shine bright like a diamond, carbon atom 6,6,6 diamond from the word adamant- unconquerable. Diamond symbolic of their Savior/antichrist who will come to rule the world.

  23. I love the end of this video, Will. The love of God is the beginning of wisdom, not the understanding of Satans wiles. At the same time, we also need to be sober and aware and understand what Satan is doing. Understanding deception is extremely important, but it's not the beginning of wisdom. There is nothing more important than loving God. It's the reason for our existence. It's easy to lose focus when we start to understand how incredibly deep and impactful Satan's deception really is. The lies are extremely deep, and I pray with you for all of us to keep our main focus on loving and worshipping God and carrying out his plan of spreading the gospel, living it out in our lives and speaking it with our words. No matter how deep the rabbit hole goes, it's finite. There is an end to it. The love of our God is infinite. I am so thankful for your struggle and your honesty about it. It's a risk for you to be open, and it displays the trust you have in your God. Our God. It is an inspiration to me. Thank you.


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