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Severe persecution is coming worldwide to the body of Christ. His coming gets closer to us the fire of this world will get hotter! The world and its inhabitants are crying out for a king, give me a king. But they do not understand there is but one king that will ever give us peace that is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Until he and we return in the skies there will be no peace on this earth. Seek his face today and know him.

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  1. American Imperialist will fall because it was set up for the New World Order. The Elites and secrete societies are part of the plot to take out America. It's been set up. It's just a matter of time Ameica will ceased it's Empire. Russia and China along with it's allies will take out America. Communism Empire will be next and the West ceased it's power to Russia. In that time having Bibles will be illegal. The Anti-Christ, Communist Nations, & Islam will make Christian lives harder to live. It will be back like the 2nd to 4th Century Christian who hide their life for Christ and later died for the cuase.

  2. I had a vision that a what I thought was a rocket going up into the atmosphere and then and monsterous explosion, I said to myself, a rocket ship exploding then I heard 'not rocket a nuclear missle'. I then was told to pay attention to the time of day. It was just turning dark outside and I heard, What are people doing at this time? I said, getting kids ready for bed, getting prepared for the next day? I then heard so they will not expect anything? I remember no life form of any kind, the trees were dead, the grass was dead nothing left. I heard pay attention to the number of hits. So as they hit I counted and I remember thinking is this other countries coming against us? At this time I had counted 9 then at the 10th hit I heard New York, and that was the end.  GOD HELP US!

  3. I have recently thought that God fearing people might just walk out of the rumble unharmed. Weird how I ran across this clip. He talks about no heat touching our skin and in Daniel didn't the men walk out of the furnace unharmed? Daniel goes on to parallel Revelation. That could be the miracle God talks about that will prove He exist but some will still try to explain it away.

  4. Eastern coast vulnerable  China and Russian subs have already been on the east and western coasts .  For fun. No in plane sight the evil is upon us. as they  prepare to strike. our coasts undetected..  Our govt. is rotted in gross sin.                   rod

  5. I received a strange message back in 2004 from man I didn't know he said lady liberty you baggie for blessings but there no more blessing for you only down fall for you. the man sent me another message saying he didn't know what this message was about and he didn't know why he said this to me. I do understand what the message was about the Lord was telling me there no more blessing for America no matter how many times they baggie for blessings after 911 the Lord wanted them to repent and they didn't do it.

  6. The U.S will be destroyed according to Rev17 and Jeremiah 50&51. Christians are told to "Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues."(Rev 18:4) I too had a prophetic dream.I was above the U.S and it was nothing but burning embers. The whole United States is in trouble, not just the east coast. I believe New York will be destroyed beyond any recognition.God bless you for spreading God's Word

  7. i hope that we realize the"the rapture" isn't mentioned because the catching up to the Lord will be at the last trump. Please take the time to get alone to hear the Lord.He will keep all those who look to Him.

  8. I fell asleep for about ten minutes one afternoon.I had a dream of gray billowing clouds and a snap sound.It woke me out of my sleep.I guess God was showing me what is coming,When I can't tell you.I only know that I am poor and I know God stands at my right hand.Pray to Jesus Christ.Believe the good news.Jesus died for our sins.We are sinners and we can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ his son.Accept this and be saved.Whoever calls on the name of Jesus Christ shall be saved.Denise T.

  9. Oh thank you. I think its US the Christ like believer that God is trying to talk to. Well the sinner has been judged already and they can not come back to someone they never new. We think we can touch any sin and its ok now. What is coming can be stopped. But we need to LOVE each other..stop being offended and forgive. We have the only light this world will see. Stand up for JESUS. Share JESUS. Repent for WE walked away.

  10. Yes New York is talked of in EK:26–Tyrus was about the same size at NY in it's day!
    And it will be destroyed—-Babylon is fallen–is fallen—come out of her my people—Rev 18:2-3 Time to leave large cities—and put the whole armor of Yahweh on—He will be our only refuge! Repent people—run to Yahweh's arms and receive his only son Yeshua! Shalom

  11. I might be combining 2 brothers 1 in texas and the one on sight with computer chip I'll try to scan it cut and save the comp. chip one don't member were I read the one bro in texas the gas prices and award show I read a lot and study a lot over past 10-14 yrs cause I felt looked at funny strange other christians dreams all the time studying prophetic things so searched for other christians seeing the same things me.

  12. member watching tbn for a while after 911 time and they had this former model on talking about prophetic dream she had saw a shark coming , funny sub. name mentioned in vision akula means shark

  13. morning sis, read of brother in Yesu Jesus that had dream about the destruction submarine coming and he was given signs as to when think one was when gas prices so much barrel ,and another sign was when award show the power go out,and then when a certain computer in a certain small chip can't member cause not technically savy have to look it up.


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