We look at the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, the various beasts therein, what beasts and horns are in Scripture, the little horn power and the man of sin.

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  1. Earnest thank you.
    Grateful amidst much contention in sharing the true gospel to, aside from my own required personal study, prayer, and grateful commitment in Torah life/obedience, discover this brethren’s study & teachings. Each I’ve been fortunate to view additionally confirm that which the Spirit of Truth (Ruach Qodesh) placed in the depth of YHWH’s new life in me and committed, obedient studying YHWH’s Word.
    These things you’ve relayed are true, and I too appreciate the additional factual information you’ve worked diligently to see and provided here. My prayers continue for many I love, as well as many who’ve harmed me purposefully that YHWH May open their eyes, remove whatever scales are there, and bring them out of this Mitsrayim, these Babylons, for HE has been so merciful, so astonishing to do so for me.
    Thank you, JP!
    Thank you also NYSTV for airing it.
    YHWH bless each who hear and see this on YouTube and every share.

  2. I believe the month starts at sight of sliver moon. We are to watch the witnesses in the sky. To watch you have to see something. Encyclopedias and history show that this was done. Story with David and Saul show this possible. I also watch for the turn of the year (I think it is Tequfa in Hebrew)in the 12th month to see if 13th month necessary. I do not calculate. We are not told to calculate but to watch.

  3. Hillel changed calendar in 359A.D. Hillel and corrupt jews push for Talmudic laws and Noahide laws instead of Torah. They also said they had authority to change law (calendar and enforce their way to worship).Jewish encyclopedia gives the truth that the calendar start with new moon day cout 6 working days then the sabbath. There is no Saturday or Sunday in scripture. There are many Antichrists in the world. Rome stating that they changed worship from Saturday to Sunday is nothing but a trick a double deception. Very cunning is the enemy.

  4. when u guys say Torah observant you are just loving Gods word and wanting to understand and be apart of his will and teaching correct? I mean your not doing this because you believe this is part of what needs to happen to be saved ? please help me understand. I'm pretty new and love Gods word and I do want to understand all things even as LUKE understood, so I pray in Jesus name I can have this understanding.

  5. Could the image be the St Peter statue in the Basilica at the Vatican? It's toes are kissed so much. They are worn out. Plus that same statue used to be the statue of Jupiter.

  6. I'm very interested in hearing this, unfortunately the young man speaking is inaudible to me. He has a wonderful accent but sounds muffled. Is there another option for hearing him on this topic?

  7. Mindblowing!!! JP takes scripture that most people have a hard time understanding, interprets it with other scripture and makes it sound so obvious. What a blessing it is to hear him teach.

  8. It seems to me that Revelation 13 is described in 1Kings 13. The beast is characterized by Jeroboam The king of Israel, and the false prophet is the old prophet in the chapter.

    Also when you look at Acts 13 you’ll find that the apostle Paul was trying to persuade the deputy Sergius Paulus. And there was a sorcerer by the name of Bar-Jesus.

  9. I wonder if the stone which was cut off from the mountain may be referring to Jesus Christ being cut off, meaning crucified whose Gospel came and hit Rome as Paul came and settled in Acts 28. Also when Peter (stone) preached in Acts 2 there were people from these 4 kingdoms (Babylon, Persia, Greece and Jews and proselytes from Rome) who came for the feast of Pentecost.

  10. They are making images that speak right now through Artificial Intelligence, and they're gearing up to make human hybrids through trans humanism. I'd say we're right on track and not far away. It is so important to come out of the beast system (catholicism and protestantism, occult, new age, Buddhism, masonry, etc.) and begin to read and shema (listen, trust and obey) The Father's WHOLE Word or we will be swept away with the beast.

  11. Amen JP, you nailed it!  (And Charlie too!) I have spent over a 100 hours studying all the 'isms' (dispensationalism, preterism, futurism and historicism, along with all the 'isms' founded on these 'isms') over the last year and the Word speaks for itself.  We need to be clear that the end-times issue was/is/will be over WORSHIP and how Yah wants us to worship Him. I love Yahuah's Torah and follow it not to be saved, but because I am saved by faith in Yahusha and want to walk as my saviour walked.  Thanks brothers for an impressive teaching.

  12. Shalom JP ! Thank you so much for sacrificing your sleep time to teach . You are such a blessing to the body of Yahshua. And I have to agree strongly with you on the point about avoiding sitting in the seat of mockers and participating in sunday worship. They are not our brothers and sisters in my opinion. Yahshua said my brother and my sister are they who do the will of my Father . Thanks again and shalom

  13. The antichrist does exist. He is the pope. Yahusha (Jesus) warned in Matthew 24 that many would come in His name saying they are the Christ. Obviously as you stated, the pope claims to be VICARIVS FILII DEI, the replacement of the Son of God, and Jesus Christ in the flesh as their own Catholic publications state.

  14. I disagree JP that beasts are spiritual powers. Though these beasts are powered by the rulers of darkness, Daniel 7:17 plainly says the four beasts are four kings who arise out of the earth, not the spiritual realm. Revelation seems to refer to them as a particular man. In Revelation 20:10 we see a contrast. The devil (a spiritual entity), the beast (a man), and the false prophet. I think it is also notable that Yahuah gave Nebuchadnezzar, the first king of the first kingdom, the heart of a beast for a time. Also, Rome will be the last kingdom. Rome is comprised of all the kingdoms as MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, and takes different forms as time progresses toward the end but is still Rome. Have you studied historcism JP?

  15. The ten horns could be Caesar’s it would certainly make sense. For John could then say in the revelation. 5 have fallen , one is (alive) Nero, the seventh yet to come continues only a little while, galba Caesar the 8th is of the other seven. Simply put he was also a caesar

    Edit: galba is the seventh the one who continues only a little while

  16. I'd like to point out….

    One of the co-founders of google has decided to create a New "religion" wherein Artificial Intelligence is worshiped. It's a perfect example of an "image" being given the power to speak, and then worshipped. And frankly, most people these days don't even realize how much they essentially "worship" technology.

    We are close, folks.

  17. Hi guys thanks for the invite just adding me to your bible study and prayer services thanks guy's I've have been looking for a good bible study group but I don't time for a regular bible study at church. and this will just have to do for now because we don't have much time.please pray for me and I will keep you guys and girls in my prayers.


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