I was talking to you guys about this burning building yetserday during the live stream, and after poking around a bit more, Ive figured out why so much news coverage and why the crazy numerology, this whole place was a satanic ritual alter. Shiva and all.
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  1. Once upon a time, I briefly lived in a warehouse in Fruitvale. I am familiar with Ghost Ship. No one close to me died, but friends of friends sure did. The final death toll was over 60 (64 I believe). Yes 33 is code and they plastered it everywhere.
    It's basically Burning Man people, throwing a Burning Man Party, with all their Art Installation sh!t everywhere. Was it a fire hazard death trap? 💯‼️ Was it a Masonic sacrifice? Absolutely maybe! Were they all Satan Worshipers or Luciferians and that's what the place was all about? No way.

  2. what most people miss is that homosexuality and bisexuality are VERY important in witchcraft and satanic "magick". These ego worshippimg butt pirates had minimal talent in Oakland one of the great cities that developed Jazz, America's National Treasure

  3. this is very sad.. but I have to be honest, if this was any other race of people the ship would have been got shut down😏 but they were white college students so the authorities gave them a slap on the wrist… they knew they wasn't supposed to be living in there. the people that rented it out to them knew they wasn't supposed to be living in there.. it's funny how the authorities to find a way to shut down homeless encampments. but they couldn't find a way to shut down this faulty warehouse😏 well this is what happens when the world tried to play favoritism a tragedy. next time follow protocol..

  4. From other videos I've watched these type of people would probably vote for a guy like Bernie Sanders because they don't want to get regular jobs making money they want to sit around having fun making stuff of which isn't doing anybody any good other than entertaining the mind ,most artist are for socialism, socialism is for lazy people I don't want to work a 40 hour a week job take from the rich give to the poor who do nothing but complain and wallow in their own shit instead of boycotting big companies they would rather steal from them

  5. I'm as suspicious as you about the origins of this fire, but sometimes you come across as very ignorant about the art world, and well you may say,that's a good thing, but it sounds just plain bigoted to say that the objects and carvings are satanic. I know you probably wont care, but there is a genre of art and style called "outsider" art. I'ts very eclectic and sometimes "eccentric", but to call it, and everyone associated with it satanists, is just narrow minded, and ignorant. I live in Australia, and this place reminds me of lot's of the old "hippie type establishments" from the sixties. Not everyone who isn't a christian, is a satanist. You need to broaden you're understanding of other cultures and not be so judgmental. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, remember. The place may not be you're "cup of tea" but that doesn't mean that the people who frequent it are somehow "evil". Get a grip, and educate yourselves a little more.

  6. Having been to raves & having lived the debaucherous life of an artist, this place is a creative place which many artists would have flocked to.  It is its own little world, full of items that pickers would find in thrift stores and many gathering areas for "deep" existential conversations late into the night until dawn.

    There are many eastern images, carved in wood and cast in metal, which certainly are images of demons but artists will not acknowledge that since they do not have the spirit of God within them. Demons, to an artist, do not exist and are "myths" and "allegories" and "symbols" within the art world.  I, myself, had many of the same images in my home and thought they were "cool" and "beautiful" until Jesus saved me and showed me the truth of this world and the new earth to come.

    Many artists joke about "their inner demons" without really understanding how much truth is in their words.  It is interesting how Jesus has given creative people special sensitivity to the spiritual world that simultaneously exists within our "material" world.

    I know that in the 90's, there were warehouses in Oakland which artists (seeking a cheaper place to live and create) renovated or lived within without care for building code since San Fran is ridiculously priced, and any large space that was cheap would be preferred over safety.  

    If you are not an artist, you would not understand such spaces.  Perhaps even finding their "decorating" and "expression" to be chaotic or "weird."

    As an artist, it is always a journey of discovery to walk into the space that another artist has "converted."  It gives you an insight into another human being's mind and how they "see" things which can be radically different from one's own experience.

    I love that JESUS LOVES THE ARTISTS and shares a special kinship with all CREATIVE people created in His image.  Whether sculptor, choreographer, musician, singer, painter, ceramicist, photographer or writer.  Jesus is ALL those things and God Himself.  Let us pray for all artists to HEAR the still, small voice of Jesus and not to be deceived by the enemy of our souls.May Jesus save the artists, covering them in His blood, and use the talents and gifts of creativity that He has given them, to help share the kingdom of God in a visual, musical, and creatively inspiring and beautiful way.

    Art.  It repels or attracts. 

    Kind of like Jesus Himself.

  7. May the Lord, truly damn the guilty.

    I knew more than one of these people – and they were awakened. To die by fire, according to certain sources, it so reset the victim's soul – to a point where an enemy is now a friend.

    Curiouser and curiouser.

  8. This is absurd. It's just edgy artist types. The news videos with text is common now because Facebook autostreams on mute, so many people watch the videos without unmuting. Things being "weird" doesn't make them Satanic, and "rituals" are just that, an activity a group of people does together in an organized way, like watching football drinking beers together is a ritual. It isn't going to make some huge change in the world, "rituals" aren't inherently evil or even bad, and just because you're a normal guy with normal tastes doesn't mean freaks / artists / weirdos who like odd things are part of some huge conspiracy. By the way the death toll is 36 now, what does that mean for your magic 33 number?

  9. I would think the same thing looking at this from across the country but no sacrifice or satanic ritual, etc here…a friend of mine dated a girl that died in the fire and said these are all hoarder hippies, new age dupes, partiers that have no idea what any of that that shit in there really means

  10. Paganism, underground / indie party scene / basically artistically talented burners living off grid. I came from that scene, lots of very nice loving people. I turned to Christ before I left, changed my life. Grieving with the 510 :/

  11. Heather FW- *edited for privacy // December 5 at 12:02pm · // An event like the one on Friday was not a rave. These are DIY events held for artists to share, celebrate and support each other’s work. This community of friends take turns being the audience or the artist constantly encouraging each other to become better, constantly inspiring each other and taking pride in each other’s accomplishments. The way into this community is simple, we ask you.. “What do you make?” And you answer with your biggest heart felt passion. ((you're welcome)) https://youtu.be/V-YVz4feReM !! thank u .. its about the artist not having support and our support system for the arts literally collapsing… in front of our eyes.

  12. Click here to support the people who need it instead of the BS (at 9:44 you see Jesus on the wall too thank you very much, I saw that painting myself when I was there, it was a collection of antiques and created art thus its an ART COLLECTIVE) this is spreading such propaganda https://www.youcaring.com/firevictimsofoaklandfiredec232016-706684 and https://youtu.be/V-YVz4feReM This is something you need to see as well, thank u its about the artist not having support and our support system for the arts literally collapsing… for a bay area arts perspective ((what it should be about, protecting the arts and the artist and the last of our arts community ))

  13. if its 33, your excluding the two friends and family i lost so…. yeah, its a name, so was CHURCH HOUSE where I lived, as we played MUSIC every SUN… please stop thinking its odd, just talk to locals… its not odd to us. In fact, here : https://ww2.kqed.org/arts/2016/12/04/it-could-have-been-any-one-of-us/ nice read if you were a local there you would not think it was so odd.
    Slumlords, Kids coming together and collecting art is no basis to spread conspiracy (( do you know what AN art Co op is? )) .. in various cultures fyi people make alters an honor ones who have past. Its not Satanic, and its kids coming together for ART> Did you not know it was an Ary Co op. The media is making this "raver " narrative and now this… OMG face plant We respect all art and cultures.. wow how ODD of us…. this Ritual is people coming together for LOVE of music and each other with very little resources. You're welcome, and welcome to open your mind. For example (at 9:44 you see Jesus on the wall too thank you very much, I saw that painting myself when I was there, it was a collection of antiques and created art thus its an ART COLLECTIVE) talk to the ARTISTs don't be scared of them- You sound like a nut FYI -as well as your mind open your heart and your eyes…. Jesus… as in 9:44 you see Jesus on the wall too ..thus its an ART COLLECTIVE


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