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  1. Don't listen to any of these negative comments brother…you are speaking sincerely, and you are speaking the TRUTH. Thank you for having the courage to put out this information. People just need to stop, look, listen & learn… It's happening right before our very eyes.
    GOD Bless you man ~

  2. I do NOT care what they want!! I will ALWAYS praise my Lord Jesus Christ!!! Lord Jesus Christ is ONLY the righteous way!!!! I am ready to be with my Lord Jesus Christ!!!! Keep your faith in Lord Jesus Christ!!! I will be loud and proud on praising my Lord Jesus Christ!!!!!! MY SOUL ONLY BELONGS TO MY LORD AND SAVIOR MY LORD JESUS CHRIST!!!!! Lucifer will rise soon enough and be prepared!!! Repent your sins and ask for forgiveness!!! Forgive yourself and others who has done wrong against you!!!!

  3. energy of creation with a Draco ruling. The Energy that powers the earth and all what breathe well take over. It controls all in the core of what made the crustaceans of heaven.

  4. What your not saying in your video is that it is not illegal and that all the schools that asked those kids to stop reading the bible where later in trouble your argument is very one sided and you need to let obama speak more instead of cutting certain segments because its this type of propaganda that keeps people in the state of fear thanks just a tip

  5. I think your right about most of this however I think when the Antichrist does come to power he's going to claim he took down the nwo and people will be fooled and think he's our savior Jesus christ when in reality it's Satan. The end times are hear make no mistake,God bless you for spreading Jesus to the people God bless you brothet stay safe

  6. who's a dumbass….
    before you call names you should do some research and get educated on the subject on which you are criticizing….start with Myron Fagon and go from there…
    you will find that this man speaks the truth……and the truth is very disturbing……

  7. How do you think the Original people of the so-called Americas felt when their entire world fell under "A NEW WORLD ORDER ", involving the take over of all three continents by European domination which is blatantly obvious to this very date.?
    Africa was sliced up and taken over by a NEW WORLD ORDER at the Berlin conference, countries taken over by by European domination.
    These atrocities have been going on for centuries, now there is no place on earth to run or to hide . I can only imagine this is what you are saying.
    Now that we are backed in a corner , its only now we should pray ?
    If the prophesy of religion is true then God knows your hearts and your deeds. Its written in "The Book."
    This systematic take over is complete and most who have enjoyed the delicacies of Capitalism are going to realize the sin in that.
    The rest of the suffering world have been prepared for the reign of evil and terror they've lived under it all their lives , being in the lower portion of Capitalism all their lives.
    A bitter pill that must be swallowed by the blind who supported this system.
    Hopefully this is the end or at least the beginning of the END as promised.

  8. I feel like I am living in a science fiction movie. Obama is the monster. Wants to be king of the world. America?? He hates us. He is the king and the one who tells us what to do, say, feel, etc. The end of America, our beloved country that is being destroyed by this monster sent by Satan. God, I think it is time. I do not want to live in this new world that is coming.

  9. Have you been living under a rock for the past 20 years!? The global economy is the USD. Unfortunately for America, that is about to end due to the weakening USD….America is losing its "World superpower" status and is struggling to make themselves look strong in the downfall process.

  10. War is Coming ! Persecution is Coming ! Death is Coming for Millions !! Christians Watch and Pray with a Fervent Spirit to be able to ESCAPE the WRATH of GOD that will soon be POURED UPON this EVIL , WICKED , HEARTLESS and UN- GODLY WORLD,, I had a Dream like 2 months ago that I saw MEN RAPING MEN in LARGE NUMBRES , it was Horrific!!


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