I had a chance well rolling through Colorado to meet up with the one and only ODD TV



  1. Almost everybody comment on Matt's handsigns.
    But every handsign that we know of today belongs to the freemasons or Iluminati etc.

    So how to move ones hands without or accidently do one of their signs???
    I myself have used the sign called "peace" for a very long time.
    But now that sign is called the "Baphomet horns".
    (It's both, nowadays, according to my own opinion… But what matters are the very thoughts behind the sign)

    Tell me, are there any signs left to use whiteout being called something that ain't for the good?
    (Sigh… I rest my case😩)

  2. These men hold the secrets of the ages, wiser then all those that came before them. Seems like these two have no idea or clue that they have no clue on or about anything. No ones trying to stop you from anything due to the fact that you don't know anything.

  3. Two of my favorite men! I share all of your videos and song's. I'm sick to death of all the lies of the 1%. Check out Queensryche, The Warning album, released in 1984, coincidentally. The two songs I would love for you both to hear are En Force and NM 156. These guy's have been truthers since 1984. Thanks for all you do. Every blessing to you both.

  4. I see shape shifters 3:24 to 3:25 slow the play down and watch odds eyes change color that's just one of many here in this video and why upload at 240 something to hide maybe. Anyways flat earth mfs wake up people there every were.or stay asleep

  5. I know this is a long time after the bickering comment session! But I just read through these. Mouthing off about anybody does nobody any good. I watch these guys for the content. Which MUST come along with your own research, if looking for the truth. Whatever they hold to doesn't concern me. They only give us clues to research. I know that the prince of the air is not stupid. He will post up people to tear down truth. I also think he will post up some, then elevate them to a large audience, then sit back and watch. Who is in and who is out. What defenses there are for twists of the truth. Mainly cataloging those who are against him and honing is deceitful tactics. But the Bible says that the spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet. I won't commend or condemn either of these guys, they have put me on some serious research trails! And the content I have seen so far holds its own standing up to truthful research. I think the amount of people hanging around truth channels while not seeking truth, but to stir up division and chaos is comical and sad at the same time. Just remember, no one (that I know of anyway) is FORCED to watch any of these channels.

  6. did odd disclose his sexual crimes to you ? he was bad but now hes good.He is living in your neighbourhood. He doesnt want to cause no trouble , he just wants to do the sex offender shuffle.

  7. To those who just don’t want to listen, learn &/or wake up: The mind is like a parachute…………………. It only works when it’s open

    To those who feel they’ve got to agree with, buy into everything or they won’t believe anything: When anyone goes to the store (grocery, discount, auto parts etc.) they don’t go to get one of everything in the store. We go in and get what we want and leave the rest. Doesn’t mean one doesn’t like the store or won’t go back, you just don’t need everything the store has on the shelf at that time. Think of obtaining knowledge in the same way. What you don’t need today – you may want at a later date. OR Not!

  8. Guess if you expose them long enough, they compromise you somehow, free masons are just clever lil assclowns, with selling out being the main objective anyway! The free mason objective is about constant lies, and Stealing yo shit!

  9. When you fat freemasons are initiated, and I'm honestly curious about this and that's why I'm asking you "Odd" = 044=44 , Masonic code for : death and destruction, and you Rfb= really fat bitch: not Masonic , that's just my own personal code I made up right now, do you get to meet that titty goat homo you call your god and he gets to bone you two? I'm being honestly curious about this subject , that's why I ask.

  10. There is enough evidence that evil exists. The mass violence, hatred, abuse…all proof that evil is running amuck and all good people..whether Christian or non-Christian…must join together to protect the innocent victims.

  11. not flashing any signs you bridge trolls ………think about what you type and who your talking about. I don't always agree with everything RFB and ODD say but they are no shills

  12. Awesome to see two dudes connect within the truther movement. 4 minutes was just enough to break the ice and tell people we totally need to unite over this instead of being beyatches over the issue of NASA bs. Great job guys, wish I was there to share.

  13. haha i said the same thing to someone today, NASA gets billions in taxes and we get ….. terrible quality pictures. my phone takes clearer pictures than NASA's space cameras …

  14. I love your videos ODD. Your one of the people who woke me all the way up….I always hated the NWO but because of you I know how to spot them even better. I also, like you, have gone back and forth with faith…but I have a strong belief in God now…Just keep it up…and THANK YOU!!! So with that said here's one person you helped. NEVER STOP


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