Odessa Texas Shooting Sets the Stage for Trump



  1. The local police and news originally reported at least three shooters in multiple vehicles. Just as in the walmart shooting where witnesses reported 3 gunmen in all black clothing, and the 1 shooter was apprehended in khakis. They are staged events to trigger people to demand gun control and confiscation. Look at the UN's sculpture in NYC, a gun with the barrel tied in a knot. The goal is confiscation, to in able us to resist their tyranny.

  2. As usual….shooter was either someone in some intelligence agency, mind controlled individual or maybe just a nut case but I favor the the former. ALL for gun control. I believe our 2nd amendment says NO INFRINGEMENT but they don't go by the constitution in anything anymore. NO ONE IS TAKING MY GUNS. I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

  3. They've already revoked firearms from countless peoples over petty convictions. Now they're ready to revoke our 'Right to Bear Firearms', granting authority only to those they deem worthy.

  4. But when China claims CIA and MI1 is involved in Hong Kong rioting they the Retards in the west calls it Commie China did it. Why nobody blames China or Russia for the shootings in the US? 😂😂😂

  5. Israeli News Live… UPDATE on the shooting: 5 confirmed dead; 3 officers shot; 21 others shot! 1 suspect (possibly the only one?) shot/killed! Businesses & malls on lock down! People told to stay in their homes & off the road for now! I believe this is yet another of 'their' FFs (f a l s e fl a g s ) to further push their g u n co n t r ol agenda!


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